Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update


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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 17th November 2021 Kashibai says you will be pinished for breaking this ghagar. Your punishment is that you will get the same ghagar before the pooja. Rajha says such a big punishment. Kashibai says he ahs to. He says I won’t get it. I don’t need to accept it. I like this sword.

Kashibai says to Radha ask him to get it for me. No one saw my pot and he broke it. The guard comes in and says Subhan ran from the jail. balaji says how? Were you all sleeping? Balaji says I have to go there. I know he’s planning something big. We have to inquire from the detainee with you. Bajirao says I am going as well. Mahadji says but you? Radha says he stands with his dad in all fights. Shuibai says tai she sends her son in danger. What kind of mother is she.

Scene 2
Balaji asks who was on Subhan’s duty. Bajirao says they didn’t let him to on purpose? Balaji says you can’t absolve from your duty. He asks them to be hanged by hands. Bajirao asks the other guests to let them rest after the punishment and serve them.

Scene 3
Kashibai says I want my pot. Bajirao broke it. How will I get it? She makes her horse eat. Baji’s sister says why are you making him eat? She says this Bahuk. He’s my friend. I was giving his grass so he can ask your brother to get my pot. Baji’s brother says we want to be your friends. His sister says we will play together. I will ask him to get you your pot. Kashibai says my friendship is forever. Like Ganga is my friend. You both have to come with me to get flowers for the pooja. It’s maha laxmi day so I will go to get the flowers. Let’s go. We will go to the lake. No one will see us.

Kashi and the kids come to the lake. Kashi sits on a plank. She rows to get the flowers. There’s a snake. Kashibai screams. The kids are scared. Ganga says we have to do something. Her life is in danger. Kashi is scared. The kids say don’t be scared. Let us get someone. The kids come to Shuibai and tell her everything. Mahadji is scared. He goes there with his men.

Scene 4
Kashibai says to the snake we only wanted the flowers. We didn’t want to scare you. Don’t scare me, I am crying. Radha sees from the binoculars. Mahadji comes there with his men. Shuibai says please someone get her out. Kashibai says you know these flowers are important for the pooja. I had to get them. She cries. The snake goes away. Radha says I knew this. Kashi can handle things. Kashi gets the flowers. Shuibai says why did you go there. Why did you risk your life? Kashi says I spoke to the snake and he listened. Mahadji says don’t risk your life. You are our life. Kashi says let me keep these flowers in the temple.

The idol is being made. The man stops her. Kashi says I want to see the idol being made. He says girls can’t see it. She says why? Did Devi ma say it that girls can’t? The man says the idol is ready. Prepare for the pooja.

Scene 5
The pooja starts. Kashi says I didn’t get my pot. Someone took my pot and I didn’t even get it again. he will get it because he broke it. She asks Bajirao did you bring it? He says don’t dream. But I got your pot. It’s there. Kashi picks her pot. There’s blood on her hands. Shuibai says what happened? Kashi says something pricked in my hands? Shuibai says there are cactus in the pot.

bajirao says these are just pricks. Don’t cry rivers over it. Radha says you made her cry? And hurt her. Why? Is this what I taught you? Kashibai says he has no senses. Baji picks the cactus and gives the pot to Kashi and says your pot.

Balaji says what are you doing? If you got her the pot why did you put cactus in it? He says so she gets a lesson and remembers it. Kashi says what lesson? He says that demanding things gets you in trouble. Kashi says this was my wish not demand but you won’t understand. He leaves.

Kashi gets ready. She says how do I look? The maid says you look so pretty. Evil eye.. Bajirao comes in and says evil eye off. She says why are you here? A girl is getting ready and you came in? You need to learn a lot of things.

He says done? Or do you wanna say more things? Everyone said so many things that I had to go to the doctor and tell him a delicate girl got pricked. He gave me this leaf. She says first give pain then heal? He says take it or not? The maid says take it Kashibai. Don’t be angry.

Kashi takes it from him. There’s nothing inside the leaves. Kashi runs to him. He says the doctor said a prick won’t do anything so you don’t need any medicine. He laughs. Kashi says when you get pricked you would know. He says I don’t get pained. She says everyone does. He says if you don’t believe you can see it later. She says I can test it right now. Give me hand. Kashi pricks his hand with her pin.

He says ouch. Kashi says is it hurting? He says no. Kashi keeps pricking it and says hurting you? He laughs. The maid says let him go. Baji says no let her do it. Kashi keep nibbing his hand. He says I am a fighter not a delicate princess kashi. One wound doesn’t do anything to me. Kashi says now your hand is bleeind. Is it hurting? He says no. She says are you made of stone? He says no. But our calculation is done.


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :A woman says to Kashi you will go to Pune. The future would be yours. Kashi dances at the pooja.

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Telecast Date:17th November 2021
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