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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 16th November 2021 Kashibai says what if your son loses? Radha says then he is yours. Everyone is shocked. Shuibai says she’s saying as if her son is made of diamonds. Kashibai goes to play with her friends. She blindfolds Bajirao. Suban’s men are looking inside. Bajirao tries to find Kashi. She runs. Bajirao says run if you can. Kashi goes in the yard. Bajirao comes to look for her. Kashibai sits on the swing. He says how long will you run? Your feet will hurt. Suban’s men pick Kashirao. He says why did your anklet stop making noise? The goons try to distract him with anklet. They kidnap her and take her outside.

The goons put Kashi in a bucket and take her outside. The guards say what are you taking? The goons say we cleaned the house. These are old flowers. Bajirao sees Kashi’s anklet. He says where did she go? The pooja preparation starts. Bajirao comes and says Kashi is nowhere. Shuibai says what? He says her anklet. It was there and she was nowhere. Everyone gets worried. They start looking for her.

Scene 2
Bajirao is looking for Kashi. He sees the goons outside. He picks Kashi’s gagar (pot). Bajirao runs after them. He comes to the river. The goon says we will take her and get our master back. Bajirao says so you are his mouse? You have to pass me first. The goons take out theri swords. Bajirao beats them down. He hits them with Kashi’s pot.

Bajirao takes out Kashi from the bag. He picks her and gives him to the Ram kaka. Ram brings her home. Shuibai says open your eyes. They give her water. Kashi opens her eyes. The guards recognizes the goon. Ram says bajirao saved Kashi from them. Balaji says he’s after the third one. Mahadji says let me come with you. He says no you stay here with Kashi. Mahadji says let’s take her inside.

Scene 3
Baji goes after the third goon. Balajji stops him. He says are you okay? Where is he? Is he gone? If your enemy leaves in front of you that puts question on your fight. Was there anything left on your training? I can’t see the society questioning your skill. What happened today should never happen again. I am also proud of you. The way you saved Kashibai and proved your bravery, it’s very good. He gives his sword to Bajirao.

Kashibai cries. Tai says don’t cry. It’s a good thing that you are find. Baji rao used your pot to save you. She says but Bajirao is responsible for all this. If he didn’t play with me, this won’t have happened with me. He broke my ghagar. He saved my life too. It looks so bad now. Kashibai cries. She says he showed his bravery but how will I pray with this ghaghar? Shuibai says I will get another one. She says this ghagar was my dream and he broke it. I will punish him. Baji rao comes. His brother says we are also sad that your ghagar broke.

Kashi says I will tell him who I am. Mahadji asks Balaji who were they? He says Subhan’s goon. One of them ran. Bajirao says I am sorry I couldn’t catch him. He says you caught one so bravely. I don’t know how to thank you for saving kashi. Kashibai says let me tell you. She says thank you for saving my life. I have one small thing for you. She gives him a small sword. Baji smiles. He likes it. He says thank you Kashi. You gave me something I like the most.

Kashi says but you didn’t respect my likes. You broke my ghaghar. Was there nothing else to hit them with? He says no I couldn’t see anything else. She says you broke my ghaghar and you are not even sorry. Do you want to fight with me? He says you’re trying to fight. It happened because of you. She says it happened because of you. He says you went outside. Mahadji says what are you saying? Balaji says she’s right. We want to know what’s the punishment? Bajirao says to save life? Kashi says you broke my pot. Balaji says give him punishment for sure. Kashi smiles.

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Telecast Date:16th November 2021
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