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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 16th August 2022 Kashi talks to her son and says I have something special for you. She shows some jewelry to him and says these are my memories with your baba, he gifted these on our marriage. Ganga comes there and says you still have these things with you. Kashi says yes,

I didn’t know what marriage meant when I got married but Baji became my life. This is my last time living these memories and then I will get Baji and Mastani married. Ganga asks how can you do all this? Kashi says I love him, this is a test of my love, I have to sacrifice for my Baji.

Mastani tells Matank that I am scared if Kashi is up to something. I just want to get married to Baji but Kashi might use something against me. She knows I planned the attack so she might have some of my soldier? You have to find out.

Kashi and Sooriya come to the soldier who attacked Mastani. Kashi says when he wakes up, you only have to inform me. He nods.

Radha comes to Baji and asks how is he? Baji says I am fine and ready to marry Mastani. Radha asks him to rest.

Radha meets the ministers and says Baji can’t marry that girl, we can send him on the war. The minister says he might lose his life there. Radha says I rather lose my son as a warrior before I see him getting married to that girl, prepare to arrest Mastani.

Baji comes to Kashi and says I want to talk to you. Kashi says to me too, I still remember our pheras, remember your promises? You promised to be mine always, you promised to never hurt me, always be with me, will be my husband and stand with me. Baji says I am sorry, I couldn’t be a good husband.

Kashi says I know you want to marry Mastani so I am freeing you from these promises. Baji says how can you say that? Kashi says you have to free me also, I want to be free from this relationship now. Baji says I just want to give honor to Mastani. Kashi says I have paid the price for this love and now you have to pay the price for this wedding. She shows the nose ring he gifted her and says this had 3 pearls which showed our fate.

She asks him to give it to me today, you will make me wear it and this will be a reminder that you have freed me from this relationship. Baji asks if this is the only way? Kashi says yes, you can’t do justice to both of us at the same time. Baji makes her wear the nose ring and leaves.

Sooriya tells Kashi that we have got a letter to send Baji to the war. Kashi says then he won’t be able to marry. Radha says he is a warrior, he has to go. Kashi says okay, I will talk to Baji.

Kashi comes to Baji. Baji asks why is she wearing the nose ring? It pains him. Kashi says I will wear this from now on. She says Nizam has attacked us, you will have to go. Baji says how can he do that? I am a warrior but I won’t be able to marry Mastani.

Mastani comes there and asks what happened? Kashi says he has to go on a war, Nizam has attacked us. Mastani says suddenly? Kashi says that’s Baji’s life. She asks Baji to prepare for leaving, she leaves from there.

Sooriya comes to Kashi. Kashi asks him from where did he get the letter for the attack? Just tell me the truth. Sooriya says Radha planned all this, just let it happen. Baji will be safe in the warzone. Radha will arrest Mastani after Baji leaves. Kashi says that’s wrong. Sooriya says how will you stop him? Kashi says Radha will stop him.

Kashi comes to Mastani and says Baji is leaving. Mastani cries and says I can’t say goodbye to him. Kashi says I thought you are a warrior too? Mastani gets the hint. She rushes to Baji. Radha is doing Baji’s aarti and he is about to leave but Mastani says I am your right hand so how can you go without me? I will go with you.

Baji says but.. Mastani says I will come with you. Baji says okay, Mastani will come with us. Radha says but.. Baji says Mastani is a great warrior and she will prove that she is not on Mughals’ side. Sooriya smiles and murmurs Kashi is great, nobody can hurt Baji and Mastani till Kashi is here. Ganga hears that and thinks Kashi did all this? Radha thinks it will be dangerous if they go together.

Baji asks Mastani to get ready. Radha tells Baji that you are weak, you shouldn’t go, we have great warriors, they will handle it. Baji says okay, he sends his soldiers for the warr. Baji tells Radha to prepare for the wedding now. He takes Mastani from there. Kashi looks on. Ganga says you really freed Baji? How can your love be so selfless? Kashi looks on.

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Telecast Date:16th August 2022
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