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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 15th November 2021 Hindustan, the history had Mugals on one side and Maratha empire was thriving. The maharajas fight divide the country. Then the fighter came who united the country. This story is of Kashibai who changed the history with her wisdom. She will marry Bajarao Ballal and being called Kashibai Bajirao Balla.

Kashibai wakes up. She runs in the street. Kashibai sees guards and sneaks in. Her mom looks for her. The servants says she sneaked out. She says it’s pooja and this house’s laxmi left. Kashibai comes to the horseman and says I want a ride. She goes for a ride. Kashibai enjoys.

Scene 2
There are fights in the towns. People started protesting against their rajas. A new savior came. The goons hit poor people for their gold teeth. Bajirao comes there. He kills the goon. He says fate is with the right. I am Bajirao Ballal.

Kashi’s mom looks for her. Tai asks Shiubai why are you worried? Shiubai says Ladubai isn’t home. A girl comes and says she’s doing horse riding. Ram baba is with her. Kashibai puts colors on the floor. Bajirao comes there. It starts rainign. BAjirao fights with the goons. Kashi makes clay house with Rambaba. Bajirao beats all the goons down.

Shiubai looks for Kashi. She comes back home on the horse. Rambaba brings her down. Shiubai asks how were you? Kashi says he took me on the ride. thank God I am fine. I am a kid, you should have been careful. Ram says she wanted it. Kashi says aai it wasn’t Ram’s mistake. I wanted to have a ride. Shiubai says our girls don’t ride horses. Your dad will be mad. She says he will be happy. Shiubai says let me tell him then. She says don’t scare me. I know baba has gone to meet his friend Balajdi.

Scene 3
Mahadji comes to meet Balaji. His man says Balaji has gone to the next neighborhood. There were goons there. Mahadji says I trust my friend would teach them a lesson. I will come tomorrow. Balaji comes. He says I am lucky a big man like you is here. Mahadji says all friends are equal. Balaji says I wanted to discuss something important with you.

Tai says to Kashi come here. Sit with me. Why did you ask Ram to take you to horse ride? you get everything you want to play with. What if you fell? Shuibai says what if you fell and broke your arm? Who would marry you then? Kashibai says we will have to find horse rider. He would know how to take care of me when I fall.

Scene 4
Mahadji meets balaji’s son Bajirao. He says such a good horse rider. Your son is talented. Balaji says his test isn’t done. He can do horse riding and sword fight he isn’g a fighter yet. Until he learns to ride horse while using his weapon, he won’t be a fighter. Mahadji says your son will become a renowned fighter.

Balaji shows map to Mahadji and says there are goons everywhere. They know that the rule here is falling. The raja has asked me to create a new army. I don’t have funds for it. Can I ask you for some help? Mahad says you’re my friend but I am also a businessman. I need time to think about ti.

Kashibai says baba didn’t bring my ghaghar yet. I won’t talk to him if he doesn’t come back before the pooja. Mahad comes to Balaji’s house. His wife says you can’t leave without having food with us. Mahad says you all have to come to the pooja at our palace tomorrow.

Scene 5
Kashibai says baba had to bring ghaghar for me. Tai says girls who are married wear ghaghar. She says we are all equal. And get me a guy to let me wear ghaghar. Mahadji comes home. Kashibai hugs him. She says my ghaghar. Tai says let him rest. Kashibai says I had been waiting. He says I went to get it but I got confused. I told the keeper to bring them all here. Kashibai cries and says you promised me. Shuibai says don’t cry. She says I am a kid. Kids cry. Mahad says I have seen kids who don’t cry.

Kashi says who? Mahad says Bajirao Ballal. Balaji’s son. She says so he doesn’t cry? Mahad says yes he doesn’t. He’s brave. She says why do you call me brave then? He says you’re my brave daughter. He’s a fighter well. She says everyone does. If he’s so well, why don’t you hire him? I want my ghaghar. He says your ghaghar and Bajirao both will come tomorrow. He’s coming here with his family. Kashibai says it’s our pooja. Everyone will see his skills, no one will see my ghaghar. Mahadji says what if he sees your ghaghar? She says I haven’t seen it myself.

Bajirao’s brother says are we going to Mahadji’s place? He’s rich. His house is big. I have heard his daughter has everything. very good clothes, food and everything. Bajirao says they are rich and we are fighters. We can’t have wishes like them. Our lives can’t be like them. She can keep those. I only care about my sword and riding. Some goons stop poor people. The robber Sukan stops them. Bajirao asks his his brother to go back. Bajirao fights with the robbers. Suban says this is my plance. You can’t stop me. The poor people cheers for Bajirao. ‘

Balaji says to Radha I thought Mahad would pay for the army. But he kind of said no. Can we go there now? Radha says we have to go and convince them. We have to tell him that Maratha empire needs him. Balaji says what if he doesn’t agree? She says we will find another way out. We won’t come empty handed.

Scene 6
Tai says I know Balaji and Mahadji are friends but Balaji’s just a fighter. I didn’t like Mahadji going there. Shuibai says he also invited them. Now we will welcome them? It’s not their worth that we welcome them. We don’t want any relationship with them. He can be friends with them outside the house.

Scene 7
The preparations start for the pooja. Subhan’s men come there as well. Peopel say he’s so brave. He arrested Suban. Mahadji says these people are here to see him. They want to see how such a young guy could arrest a robber like Suban. Tai says Radha is very strong. She has given sword in his hand in such young age. Kashi says no one cares about me. My ghaghar isn’t here. Everyone is talking about Bajirao. He will show off his skills and I don’t even have my ghaghar. He says your pretty face is enough. She says people will see his sword instead of my ghaghar. She goes out.

Bajirao comes there with Balaji. People cheer him. Shuibai and Mahadji welcome them. Radha asks where is Kashi? Mahadji says she’s choosing her ghaghar. She has to show it to Bajirao. Bajirao says to me? Why? Shuibai says she has heard your stories. They welcome them in.

Kashi says I don’t like any of these. Shuibai says these are unique. Kashi doesn’t like any. Mahadji says these are all for you. She says there’s no shine in it. She says this isn’t what I like. Bajirao says so spoiled. pick any, they are all so good. Kashibai looks at him. Kashi says so you can pick any sword to fight? He says no that depends on the fighter. She says then ghaghar also depends on the person who’s doing the pooja. She smiles and leaves. Mahadji says she doesn’t like things easily.

Balaji says if she tries to get it, she can otherwise she will keep rejecting. THis isn’t a sword that you need to look into details. Kashi says you don’t know what a girl can like. Radha says Kashi is right. The one who is always fighting how would he know a girl’s likes and dislikes. Kashi says yeah tell him. He will get married, he won’t worry about his wife’s likes and dislikes. I won’t show my ghaghar to him. Mahadji says what do you want? She says I want it big. Something that has flowers and in unique. Kashi finds her ghaghar.

Kashi runs around. Bajirao says you think you can’t be caught? She says no one can defeat me in hide and seek. Mahadji says no one can defear her. He says I can. Kashi says your son will lose. Radha says then Bajirao yours.

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