Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 23rd June 2022 Episode starts with Akriti saying Gungun won’t come to feed you the medicines. Anu says I will have the medicines because I want to live for Gungun. She says enough of her name.

He takes Gungun’s name repeatedly. She gets angry and goes. He says your irritation will make me rid of you. He calls Gungun. He says she isn’t answering, someone would have asked her to go away form me, but I won’t let this happen. He sees everyone sleeping. He goes out. Ranvijay comes to Gungun’s house.

He asks why did you call me here. She sees Anu coming. She asks Ranvijay do you still love me. Ranvijay says of course, I still love you, did you call me to ask this. She says no, to ask something else. Anu looks on shocked. Ranvijay says I missed you a lot.

Gungun sees Anu hiding. Ranvijay says it was my love which came out as anger, I was really angry that you are risking your life for Anu, when I saw your courage and dedication, I respected you more, I love you a lot.

She says if you love me, then will you… Ranvijay asks marriage? Anu cries. Ranvijay says of course, I m dying to marry you. Gungun holds him. She says I m also ready to marry you, families should agree. Anu thinks how can she do this. Ranvijay says I just want my Gungun.

Anu thinks you want to marry the guy who handed me over to the terrorists, he has kept his hatred, but you didn’t keep the promise and love, Akriti was right, you did all that for publicity, not me, I hate you.

He cries and leaves. Gungun says sorry to hurt you, Anubhav, if our relation didn’t break then your family would have got broken, I m sorry. Everyone is awake at home. Khushi says Anu is nowhere. Akriti says it means he has gone again. Charu thinks I went to request Gungun, but there is still no change.

Akriti says Anu said he will have the medicines because of his promise to Gungun, I have tolerated this, even then he left me and went to Gungun. Golu says we don’t know where he went. Akriti says he would have not gone to the institute. Charu says I can’t see the daily fights, decision will be taken today.

Anu comes home. They all scold him and ask him where did he go at this time. They care for Anu. Akriti asks Anu did he go to meet Gungun. Anu says yes. She says nothing will get fine now, I m his wife, I didn’t get any right and status, I m going to my Maayka now. Charu says stop. He slaps Anu and scolds him. Sunanda and Goli stop him. Everyone cries.

Anu stops Charu. He says really and gets down on his knees. He says sorry for everything, I promise, I won’t go and meet anyone without telling you. Akriti says you had promised before also, and broke it, how shall I believe you now.

Anu says this time, I m making this promise to my myself also, the storm is calm now, and I can see everything clearly, I have come back forever, I want to apologize to my family, I m sorry.

Chandru asks what happened to Anu. Charu says you know what you are saying. Anu says I got my senses today, don’t ask me anything, I will try that I don’t give you a chance to complain.

Charu thinks of Gungun. Goli says matter is something else. Garima asks did you listen to Charu. Gungun says yes, I can’t let his family break. Garima says you broke Anu’s heart, you did wrong. Gungun says his family would have got broken. Garima says it was your relation, how can you decide to end this alone, doesn’t he have a right on this. Anu goes to his room. He cries.


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Charu shows the news. Chandru says Gungun deserves this award. Akriti says our family is invited in the award function. Charu says we won’t go. Sargam asks Anu if he will go. Anu thinks I m glad that Gungun is getting an award, but she is marrying Ranvijay and starting a new life, I shouldn’t go there.

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Telecast Date:23rd June 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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