Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 13th May 2022 Episode starts with Maya saying we are going to US, keep your stuff with yourself. Gungun says we aren’t going tomorrow only, don’t say this. Maya says I m just talking to them. Goli taunts her.

Pandit asks them to call an elder to do the puja. Maya says I have severe allergy with the smoke, you do the puja. Gunjan says just Bua and I are in the family. Pandit asks about the son of the family. Gunjan says no. He asks about son in law.

She sees Anu and cries. Akriti thinks now Gungun has to tell her husband’s name and call him. Gunjan says no son-in-law. Akriti asks why are you lying. Maya asks what. Akriti says Gunjan is married, so she was roaming with sindoor in her maang. Maya says I didn’t see her with sindoor. Akriti says we all have seen it,

strange Gungun, you didn’t tell your mom about the marriage. She says Gungun had accepted that she got married, but she didn’t tell her husband’s name, you ask her. Maya asks is she saying the truth. Gunjan says thanks for coming in Tervi, you have no right to interfere in my personal life. Maya says I asked you.

Charu says tell that you don’t want to say. Gunjan says I told it many times that its my personal matter. Anu asks Akriti to realize where she is standing. Maya says you didn’t say it’s a lie, it means its true.

Gunjan asks her to attend her NRI guests. Maya says just shut up and say who you married. Gungun refuses. Garima says pandit is waiting for puja, we can talk later. She asks pandit to start the puja. Everyone prays for Riddhesh. The guests go to have food. Gungun sees the arrangements.

Anu asks Gungun to have food. She refuses. She sees Riddhesh’s pic. Garima says she always refuses to eat. Anu says have something, your dad will like it. Akriti says Anubhav, Tervi is over, we can go on honeymoon, actually we made Switzerland plan, but we had to postpone it. Gungun thinks he lied to me.

Anu says we didn’t make any such plan. Gungun asks them to talk about honeymoon at home. Akriti says this is also my house, my mum, Mami and sister are here. Gungun sees Ranvijay coming. He greets Maya. She asks how are you. He says I m good. She asks where were you since many days, she didn’t tell me that she invited you. He says she didn’t invite me, I came myself. She says it means your fight is still going on, don’t go soon, I have to talk to you. He says sure.

She asks Charu to have food and go. Charu says we won’t have food, we just came to give the tribute to Riddhesh. Ranvijay greets Anu and asks him to introduce his wife. Akriti greets him. Ranvijay says Anu would be confused, he has an old habit to hide relations, his nature is such, he doesn’t tell anything about himself and others, he will never talk to you about Gungun and not tell Gungun about you.

He asks Maya did Gungun say anything to you. Maya asks about what, Gungun might be scared, so she didn’t tell me. Gungun asks Ranvijay to not cross his limits. He says you are crossing limits. He shows her the pic. She says please, I have given you the money, why are you doing this. He says you got scared.

She says I m not scared for myself. He asks are you scared for your illegitimate husband, marry me, then this chapter and your fear will end forever. Anu looks on angrily. Maya says Akriti, have food and go, your inlaws are upset with me, so they won’t have food. Sunanda says no, we shall leave now. Ranvijay says wait, an imp announcement has to happen.

He says I know this time isn’t right to make the announcement now, but Maya is taking Gungun to US, so I have to tell this, Gungun and I are getting married. Maya and Akriti smile. Anu is shocked. Maya says that’s really great, did you see Akriti, Gungun isn’t married, she is marrying, we like the guy,

Gungun didn’t tell me about this, maybe she was scared of my reaction, don’t worry, I like Ranvijay. He says my family is ready. Maya says I will meet them and fix the marriage date. Akriti asks what happened to you. Anu says nothing, I have imp work, I have to go. He gets rude. She says we will go together, wait for some time. Anu says I can’t stop. Riddhesh’s hospital staff comes.

Maya asks Ranvijay to come with them to US after marriage. The doctors look on. Ranvijay says sure, but there is a problem, it takes time to register the marriage. She says right. The doctor thinks Gungun is already married. Ranvijay says you get us married and go, Gungun and I will register our marriage and come.

Maya says right, sorry to discuss Gungun’s marriage on Riddhesh’s tervi but I think this will give soul peace to Riddhesh, her marriage was his biggest dream, I wish he was here to bless them. She greets the doctors and shares the good news. She invites them. The doctors see Anu. Anu leaves from there.

Maya gets the wedding card and shows Gungun. Gungun gets angry. Maya asks why were you silent when Ranvijay announced the marriage. Gungun says I don’t want to marry him. Maya asks the reason.


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gungun comes to Anu’s house and says you all wanted to know about my husband. She says Anu, I have come to you, you didn’t want me to go to US. Akriti raises hand on her and scolds. Gungun holds her hand and says when the first wife talks, then the second one shouldn’t talk in between. Everyone is shocked.

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Telecast Date:13th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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