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Kaamna 5th January 2022 Manav standing outside is calling Akanksha saying she is still not ready while calling him to come back early, she is coming out asks if she is looking fine, Manav turns but is left shocked seeing how beautiful his wife is looking.

She questions if eh would say anything, she asks if her makeup is alright for the event or her sarree is looking, Manav questions why is she being so concerned, she explains that today they are going to the house of Vibhav Kapoor and for him she is a model, he says that she is not one of a kind but just one in the entire world, and so she should never be conscious about anything, Manav leaves saying that the cab got cancelled,

Akanksha opening the door is shocked to see Ranay, he informs that Vibhav sir has sent a car for them, Akanksha asks him to come inside but he leaves saying he is waiting for them in the car.

Akanksha walks onto the balcony when she sees the car, she recalls how she prayed that one day she would own this car, she exclaims what if this car doesnot belong to her it is still sent for her, Manav coming questions what she is doing as the cab has arrived, she asks him to cancel it as he might not have heard that Vibhav jee sent a car for them, Manav is not happy with this.

Yatharth sitting in the car is not able to hold back his praise, but Akanksha stops him, however he once again praises the air conditioner, mentioning it is a really good one and not like their twenty- twenty in which they are not able to get any air so he was forced to hold a fan,

Manav starts smiling but Akanksha says she has told him a lot of times to not say such things, Manav asks why is she scolding him, Akanksha questions what is the need to say it in front of strangers that they are middle class and not financially strong,

Manav replies what is the problem as even they are middle class and even if they are not then what is it to be ashamed off, Yatharth asks Manav if their new car would also be like this one, Akanksha asks why is he just saying to his father as now even his mother can buy such a car for him, they all start enjoying.

They reach the house when Ranay invites them to come inside, Yatharth asks her to see how big image is there of her, Vibhav Kapoor comes greeting Manav and Akanksha, he even greets Yatharth asking his name, then questions what does it mean, Akanksha replies it means reality, Manav mentions it also means truth,

Vibhav says that the truth is always bitter but meeting Yatharth he has found out it can also be sweet, Akanksha asks about the stand, he says that in just three days there ad has gotten hundred thousand plus likes, it is all because of her but he would also like to thank Manav since he has accepted his friendship, Manav says that there is nothing to be concerned about.

Vibhav asks them all to come inside then tries to offer them a drink but Manav says that he doesnot drink however Vibhav says that he said that he doesnot drink with strangers but now they are friends, Manav replies it because he doesnot want Vibhav to think who has he befriended after he witnesses what Manav does after a drink,

Yatharth exclaims that he drinks, everyone is shocked when he asks Vibhav if there is apple juice, they all toast to their new friendship. Vibhav calls Yatharth asking if he likes movies then mentions now he would really like his theatre, Yatho asks if it has everything when Vibhav thinks it indeed has everything except for what he desires, Yatho mentions they set up a home theatre, Vibhav asks Ranay to show Yatho their theatre.

Vibhav sitting down once again thanks Manav and Akanksha for accepting his invite and befriending him, he sits Infront of Manav mentioning he is curious how did Manav change his decision, Manav explains Akanksha changed his life by marrying him so he also changed his decision,

Vibhav exclaims this means Manav only changed his decision because of his wife, Manav agrees when Vibhav replies it is amazing what a man can do for the happiness of his family, Manav exclaims he should ask this in free time, Akanksha questions Vibhav who does he have in his family, Vibhav standing mentions that in his family there is only one person Niharika, she met an accident four years ago but since then he has not been able to find her, there is just a hope that she would one day return, Manav offers his condolence but Vibhav assures it is fine,

Akanksha asks if there is anyone else in his family who will wait for him when he comes back, who does he share his happiness or sorrow with, Vibhav replies that he would have to make another drink in order to reply her question, Yatho comes running asking Manav to come and see the theatre since it is just like the real one with the screen, Vibhav says that Manav would now have to really praise his theatre,

but he would have to look at it with his sons eyes, Akanksha stands to leave when Vibhav asks where is she going, she replies she is going with her husband and son, he questions if she cannot live without her husband, she replies that the laces of her son are untied, Vibhav questions if Manav can take care of her son, she replies he is really good at it, Vibhav explains that really soon he would have to look after him, Akanksha gets confu8sed when he replies that he meant she would be really busy with all the projects which she will get that she would not be able to have any time for herself.

Vibhav asks Yatharth how did he find the movie, Yatho is really impressed when Vibhav explains he would like the animation collection even more and can come to see them anytime, Yatho seeks the permission of his father when Vibhav questions what is the need to ask him,

Manav informs Vibhav that they are now friends so he should be casual, Akanksha thinks she is glad they both befriended, each other otherwise it would have been really difficult for her work. Vibhav questions how they met each other, Manav questions if he is talking about him and Akanksha, Vibhav replies he would not mean Yatho, Manav replies even that is not a problem, he teases Yatho by saying they met in the dustbin but then clarifies they met in the hospital. Vibhav questioning says did they meet in the collage,

Manav explains he met her in the collage, but she did not pay any importance, as nearly half of the collage wanted to be friends with her, and some even desires to marry her. He was forced to leave his collage due to some personal problems after which he started his job, Vibhav asks then how they met each other and he proposed, Manav says he never proposed, hearing this Vibhav gets even more eager to find out the truth,

he demands the truth when Manav reveals she one day came to his house in a cab proposing him for marriage, Vibhav is not able to control his laugh exclaiming that he never thought she would be so adventurous but the elders are right to say that one should never judge a book by its cover.

Manav explains after that Yatharth was born and their family got completed, Vibhav explains the highest point of this story was when Akanksha came to him, Manav replies that he is really lucky that she herself came to him as he was getting ready to sleep, Vibhav replies that this is what he said to Akanksha. He asks them to carry one, asking Yatharth if they should take a selfie however, he says that he needs to attend the washroom.

Yatho enters the room seeing the potrait of his mother, however Ranay coming in asks him to come out as it is not as it seems. Vibhav starts insisting that they need to take a selfie and so hanks them all for coming to his home and mentions that they cannot leave without the gifts, Manav tries to resist but Vibhav insists, he then also hands a gift to Manav.


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