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Kaamna 3rd May 2022 Yadhu says to Manav that he observed him a lot and he seems so alone these days. Manav denies it but Yadhu says that after witnessing what happened in office he thinks that he needs a Mrs. Bajpayee. He asks him to marry Sakshi.

Manav laughs it off and says that he already committed the mistake once and doesn’t want to repeat it. He gets Sridhar’s call. He scolds him for sending the mail so late but Sridhar mocks him for not paying on time and cuts the call. Ayesha and Yadhu were upset that their mission ended even before starting. Malti asks whether they are accepting defeat even before trying.

She gives example of her young times when she first got her husband’s proposal. She says that at first she didn’t like it but soon they realize that they were made for each other. They understood her talks and decided to make situations which could make them come closer.

Akanksha happily expresses Vaibhav about Christopher visiting India and also wanting to meet her. She says that till now she was just Indore Beauty Queen but soon she would become World Beauty Queen. She happily hugs him while Vaibhav acts surprised and smirks.

Yadhu comes to Sakshi and says her that Manav seems to be very lonely and stressed out. He says about Manav shouting at an employee in call and asks Sakshi to help him and motivate him. Sakshi agrees and goes to Manav. The other three watches it from outside. Sakshi and Manav laugh at the Mrs. Bajpayee part and Yadhu finding him lonely.

They all admire and believe that their mission will be completed soon. Manav and Sakshi are joking and having a lighthearted conversation. Sakshi finds out Manav blacking out time to time and asks about it. Manav says that he finds it difficult to adjust in the fake corporate world.

He says that he believes in sincerity and dedication and every thing here is about show off. He says he doesn’t understand the corporate world. He adds that the blunder about Mrs. Bajpayee also seems to be a planned one. He says that some employees not only seem to get salary from Kapoor Industries but also their loyalty lies for Vaibhav Kapoor.

Sakshi says its a big problem. She asks him to not follow the same corporate path and find a path of his own where he could lead his team. Manav gets cleared off his confusions and thanks Sakshi and Yadhu for sending her there. In between Malti brings coffee for them and the trio rejoice seeing them having a conversation.

Christopher comes to Kapoor mansion he keeps praising Akanksha making her forget the world. Vaibhav asks Rane to prepare for Akanksha’s send off soon. Next morning Ayesha calls Yadhu asking him to make arrangements for Sakshi and Manav to have conversation in phone. He dreams of them having conversation and confessing their love and their romance. Ayesha wakes him out of his dream.

Sakshi sends lunch to Manav and they paste smiley stickers without her noticing it. Manav scolds Neha for her blunder in meeting and Neha reveals that it was Sridhar who gave him the chit. Manav calls for general body meeting. They complain about their salaries and Manav says that they are closing down the company shocking everyone.

Sridhar live streams it to Vaibhav who laughs off seeing the situation. Manav says that their shock says that their welfare is bound to the company and asks for them to work hard to bring it back to its place. He also says that their pending salaries will be paid and they no more get paid by Kapoor constructions.

He exposes Sridhar by showcasing him live steaming Vaibhav and fires him. Everyone obliges to work sincerely under Manav. Manav comes back and they gets disappointed as he didn’t have the lunch. Manav suspected their intentions with their talks.

Precap : 

Kaamna 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yadhu will drop a new fish in the fish tank calling it Mrs. Bajpayee. Sakshi will get doubtful that whether they really want tl make her Mrs. Bajpayee.

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Telecast Date:3rd May 2022
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