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Kaamna 3rd December 2021 Manav exclaims he did not know she was living with such pain in her heart, he asks why did she not share this with him before, she questions what would have happened, had this situation changed, Manav replies he doesnot know but he would not have felt so bad as he is now, he assures he would have stood by her, she would not have to face all this alone, Akanksha exclaims some pains are to born by a single person, even if he stands by her she would always remain a prisoner so he must let her be, she leaves crying, Manav is really worried.

Vibav is standing at the construction site, he asks Ranay if he knows what he is thinking about, Ranay also questions what he is thinking, Vibhav explains that the work on this site would not start for two days and Maya is also not going to come back so what should they do, Panday jee calls Ranay, who hands the mobile to Vibhav Kapoor, Panday jee mentions he has used the report of the government officer to get the law passed,

they both greet each other when Vibhav asks Ranay to get the work started, he calls the in charge asking him to make sure there are double shifts from now on because the work has also gotten really late, Vibhav is about to leave exclaiming that his close accomplice is not able to find Kamna then they might as well give an ad, however Ranay exclaims he himself made fun of this plan but Vibhav replies what can they do when Ranay was not able to get the job done.

Manav is reading the newspaper when an ad drops on the floor, he picks it up to see that the ad is of a lost dog, Akanksha comes to place the lunch box on his table, he asks her to be free in the evening, Akanksha replies she is always free as she doesnot have any work to do, Manav leaves after wishing her.

Manav sits in his office when a colleague comes praising him for his work, Manav questions Rakesh what has he done, he asks him to see, Ranay is distributing sweets amongst the office employees, Khushal jee tries to take them all but Ranay takes back the bag, Manav sees Ranay distributing the sweets, Ranay also comes to give Manav the sweets, Vibhav asks him to give Manav three or four boxes because had it not been his report, their work would not have been made legal,

Vibhav picks up the report from the table, saying Manav said that he should follow the rules, but he doesnot follow them and also doesnot work according the rules, rather they are forced to work according to his desires, he should see that his file has once again reached the table, he should first eat the dessert then sign it, Vibhav takes out a donut exclaiming he brought it from the best bakery,

Manav after thinking explains he did not tell him, his wife is a great cook so he doesnot eat anything from the outside but he would rejoice in his happiness, he takes out the ladoo which Akanksha made and eats it, Vibhav gets angry then place the donut, Manav exclaims if they can excuse him because he has a lot of work to do since the rules have changed,

Vibhav stands up asking Ranay to come since Manav is really buys, standing outside his office Vibhav replies that he did not knew why he was not happy after achieving what they desired, Ranay however replies he would reveal a news which will make him happy, he reveals that Maya is coming to meet him at one, Vibhav with a smile asks him to come as they have to catch Maya.

Manav calls Akanksha asking her what is she doing, he explains that today is the death anniversary of her father and he ahs also taken a half day however Akanksha refuses to go their because she tries to avoid her family, Manav tries to explain her that she must not Think so wrong of her mother,

Akanksha replies that she has not told him one thing, her father got involved in a scam while her mother instead of standing by him always used to taunt him, she feels this was the reason her father got the heart attack, she will never forgive her mother, Manav convinces her by saying this pooja is for her father, who was her hero so why is she worried about anything else, Akanksha replies she fears everything would be ruined if she goes there however Manav convinces her, he asks her to get ready along with Yatharth.

Manav stops the car in front of the house, Akanksha steeping out starts weeping thinking of the night when she ran away because her mother was forcing her to marry someone whom she never wanted to marry, she enters the house when her brother immediately hugs her, after greeting her, Akanksha introduces Karan to Manav, who touches his feet, Karan’s wife comes mentioning it is his right since he is the son in law of this house, Bublé also takes their blessing, karan takes the name of Akanksha when his wife asks why does he take her name as she is his elder sister,

he exclaims that she looks young then him, Akanksha replies he is the one who seems elder, Akanksha’s mother also comes when she hugs her mother and she also cries thanking Manav, he however exclaims he had nothing to do in it, Manav then hands everyone their gifts, assuring that there is also a gift, Manav reveals it is a surprise which will be more tasteful after it is revealed.

The entire family heads inside when they start the pooja, after it ends the Pandit jee leaves when Akanksha’s mother asks her sister (Kanika) to bring their gifts, Manav tries to refuse but Akanksha replies he is the son in law of this house so has every right, they are really excited to see the couples watches,

Yatharth gets sad thinking there is no gift for him however Kanika also presents his gift, he is also joyed after receiving he watch, Manav and Akanksha start to tease him, everyone starts smiling seeing their love for each other, her mother prays that the life of Akanksha always remain like this, Bubble asks Akanksha to come with her, she shows her the portrait which she has made of her, Akanksha asks Manav if this was the surprise which he was talking about but Manav exclaims this is also a shock for him, he praises Bublie.

Maya recognizes Akanksha exclaiming that she was her find, Vibhav immediately asks her name, Maya reveals it is Akanksha Awasthi, Vibhav exclaims she would still remain his dream even if her name is not Kamna.


Kaamna 4th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Manav sitting with Chokse jee requests him to do something about his home loan since he wants to purchase a house for them. Manav is with Akanksha and Yatharth, Vibhav Kapoor standing in the front exclaims dreams are not fulfilled till there is no money, he shakes hands with Akanksha, Manav comes from the back.

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