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Kaamna 31st December 2021 Khushal jee says that something really interesting is written in the newspaper that houses are not made by the walls but from the family, Manav coming out questions what does Khushal jee mean, Chokse sir coming mentions that Manav has turned out to be a hidden gem,

Manav says that he doesnot understand so Chokse sir shows the ad which has Akanksha, Khushal jee explains that their Bhabhi jee is really pretty, Rahul also says that Manav never had any fight with Vibhav sir as he reached the party even before them all, Manav once again tries to explain how he only came to the party for the deal of his bungalow, and the ad which his wife did was just a coincidence,

Rahul explains that Vibhav Kapoor would have paid a hefty amount for it as Bhabhi jee would still be shopping, Manav starts getting frustrated, he says that it feels all the work of the office has finished as they are discussing about his wife and family, Chokse sir advises him to calm down then leaves mentioning Manav is also just like them all.

Maya is in her office talking with someone on the call, she explains that this model would soon be a super model after which they would not be able to get a date, just a single ad with her has caused their reach to become three times larger, the person replies this is why they are interested in shooting an ad with her,

they are interested to utilize her popularity, Maya replies they have made the right decision, he asks when would they be able to get the date, Maya replies she would get back after talking with Akanksha, Maya is relieved with the decision mentioning Akanksha has always been a sign of good luck for her, Maya thinks that she can never understand that person because he spent a lot of money on this but has taken it down just after one day.

Vibhav is playing the darts when he says that he knows what Ranay is thinking because he would be wondering why did he go into so much trouble in getting the ad, as he brought Maya to his side and then got her in the ad but took it down,

Vibhav says that Ranay should ask the question, he replies he did this because now Akanksha would know he is the person who holds the key to her dreams, he had given her all that she desired after which putting the blame on Manav, Vibhav explains that if someone leaves what they desire then they feel hurt but if someone snatches it from them they would not be able to forgive those who are responsible for it, he knows Akanksha would now blame everything on Manav.

Akanksha is sitting in the room crying wondering how Vibhav Kapoor said that he is pulling back the ad from the entire market.Manav is talking with Yatharth who explains that he is really excited since he watched a big river which was used to store the water and also the weapons of the past which included the big swords,

Manav receives the call from Akanksha and merges it, she however starts yelling at Manav without even hearing anything which he has to say, she blames him saying he would have gotten really happy with what has happened because Vibhav Kapoor pulled back the ad, she ends the call, Manav tries to convince Yatharth that it was not his mother, he after ending the call wonders why did Vibhav Kapoor pull back the ad.

Akanksha opens the door, Maya standing asks if she would first like to hear the good or the bad news, Akanksha replies after all that has happened she has no hopes for any good news, Maya replies this means she got the call from Vibhav Kapoor, she is really stunned because he spent so much amount on making the ad but then took it down, he is beyond her understanding and even her husband,

she asks what happened between them both, Akanksha says she doesnot want to talk about it and feels that her career is at the end, Maya questions why is she giving up so soon because her career has once again gotten the life, Maya mentions that she has once again gotten an inquiry from a textile company who want to hire her as a model, she would get double payment because her demand has increased, Maya explains that she should always answer her call even if she doesnot want to answer her husbands calls, Akanksha once again ends the calls.

Manav is trying to stop an auto on the road but none of them are stopping so he thinks if they come to pick up the rides or for just their own outing. Manav starts walking.

Akanksha is buying the vegetables when the neighbours come questioning what is she doing here as they thought that now she would be shopping in the mall, Ekta tries to take a selfie but she pushes them back, Akanksha asks if they are really desiring to take a selfie with her, Akanksha thinks that people also desired to take selfies with her eight years ago, she takes the selfies praying that her career should once again become successful but this time it should not be short term.

Manav calls her from behind, she however gets angry, he entering the house questions why did Vibhav took the decision to pull back the ad, Akanksha replies because Manav doesnot have any idea what he will do next, Vibhav is a businessman and he might have gotten scared after what Manav did at the office of Maya, Manav explains that this means it was a coincidence she did the ad,

Akanksha explains even then he made a fuss of it all and if her first time as a model was successful but if anything wrong happens this time, it would be because of him. Manav questions how was he able to call her, Akanksha questions if he is actually worried about how he managed to call her, Akanksha says he is behind everything wrong that is happening, Manav mentions he is not suspecting anything but is worried why Vibhav has not done anything,

Akanksha reveals she is glad that Maya brought another ad for her and even came to take confirmation for the dates, Manav hugs her with excitement but she pushes him back, he explains she should be happy that she has not gotten any problem even when Vibhav took back the ad, Manav mentions he desires to give her a treat so calls Yatho before realizing he is in Jaipur, Akanksha stops him saying he must first apologize to Maya, Manav mentions he feels they should go to her office.

Maya is standing when Manav and Akanksha enter the office, Maya questions if she needs to call her security, Manav apologizes when Maya mentions because of his attitude, his wife lost the project of Vibhav, Manav replies he holds the same thinking with respect to Vibhav, Maya replies his wife is a super model.

Akanksha tries to present her with homemade chocolates, but Maya replies that she is on diet and Akanksha should also stop consuming them. Maya receives a call from the clients who questions why Vibhav Kapoor has decided to take back the ad, Maya tries to convince them but they ask her if she has any other model, Maya immediately reveals she but sees that Akanksha is really tensed.


Kaamna 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhav Kapoor explains that he has never seen someone so honest as Manav in the offices where he works but his view with respect to him changed when because of him, Vibhav managed to gain a lot of profit, Vibhav Kapoor tries to shake hands with Manav, Akanksha looks at them both.

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