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Kaamna 28th July 2022 Manav is sitting while Akanksha is sleeping, he recalls when he would act when she used to be ill and spend all of his moments with her jus tot make their life a happy one filled with the best of moments but then she one day left with Vibhav in the middle of the night,

he then fought a legal battle with her when she also blamed that he demanded money from her, she however refused to put any blame on him when she was in the hospital, Yatharth asks what is he thinking about, he refuses to say anything when yatho replies he knows Manav is remembering the moments spent with her,

Manav replies that he ever thought their life would become like this, he explains he was not able to do anything when she was leaving him to fulfill her own dreams and even now when she is leaving them all forever he is still feeling helpless, it is true that he no longer loves her but there is still a relation between them as she is the mother of his child,

he spend seven years of his life with her. Akanksha thinks everything is going as planned, she thinks he has forgotten all the problems between them so if she even asks him to dance then he is going to do that.

Yatharth wiping of his tears exclaims they would not cry as her last wish was to see all the functions of his wedding so he is sure she would like to participate in all of his wedding rituals but Akanksha thinks that someone should stop yatho as this is not at all what she desires,

Malti aunti also asks Manav to not do this for himself but for Akanksha, Swati also exclaims she would feel nice that he and Yatho are fine with Sakshi, she can take care of them both. Akanksha thinks why are her own family trying to ruin her plan because if Manav gets emotional then would surely marry Sakshi,

Yatharth also requests Manav to fulfill the last wish of Mumma, Akanksha prays that he should not listen to them at all so Manav holding the hand of Yatharth exclaims he is ready. Akanksha seeing them acts as if she is finally awake, Yatharth with a smile says that Manav has forgiven her and would marry Sakshi at the decided date.

Akanksha tries to talk with him but he says there is no need as he already said such bad things to her so he is surely going to fulfill her last wish. Malti aunti exclaims then tomorrow they would hold the Mehndi function.

In the morning the function is going one as Sakshi is sitting, Malti aunti asks them to apply the Mehndi when she assures there is not anyone in the entire Indore who can apply better Henna. Swati brings Akanksha to the function; she thinks how she thought that Manav would refuse to marry Sakshi after hearing about her death but it got ruined.

Akanksha asks Manav how beautiful Sakshi is looking, she stops the women mentioning she is going to apply the Henna even when she is not a really nice at it. Sakshi says that there is not any problem in it as they would surely allow her to do anything that she desires, she would be glad if Akanksha applied it.

Sakshi asks why is Manav just standing there as he should show them his movies, Manav then starts dancing on the song, everyone enjoys his performance a lot.

Akanksha suddenly starts crying, Sakshi asks what has happened and if she is alright but she refuses to say anything. Manav comes beside her when she while crying questions why did she not get the happiness in her life which is the right of every woman, Swati requests her to not take so much stress as it is not right for her. Sakshi replies she must not think like it. Manav recalls how Akanksha proposed to him.

Manav requests her to not talk like this when she replies she feels as if no one is like her as every girl as they all desire that their husbands take them to their house wearing the red veil. Akanksha turning to Manav asks if he has really forgiven her, he assures there is nothing wrong between them.

Akanksha kneeling before her requests him to once again marry her since this is her last desire, she even requests Sakshi to take her side and make Manav understand. Yatho questions what is she doing since she can never marry Manav as this is now the right of Sakshi mam, she tries to explain herself but he rushes inside without listening to anything.

Akanksha requests Manav to talk with yatho but he replies he would never talk on this topic as it can never happen, Akanksha must forget he would even think of marrying her as this all is happening to fulfill her last wish. Akanksha exclaims they were husband and wife so why can it not happen again,

Swati requests her to stop asking what has suddenly gotten into her. Akanksha then requests them all to let her die in peace as does she not have that right. Sakshi replies they all were her own decisions; she replies she is not accepting them but can she not be forgiven for them as she doesnot wish to die alone. Manav assures she is not alone, he explains he has promised Sakshi and they both love each other so she should not come between them, it is not her desire but her frustration, she however replies she wants to mend her mistakes.

Akanksha pleads with her asking if he recalls how he would walk around her in collage and even few months ago so he must fulfill her desire, he asks her to go inside and rest so she can think of what she is saying is actually wrong. Akanksha says he cannot do this to her when she lived with him for seven years and even gave him a beautiful son Yatho as she loved him with her heart. He can even ask yatho, he however covers his ears.

Akanksha exclaims she had sacrificed her entire life for them both so she requests him to not give her such a big punishment because if she doesnot have his Mang in her forehead then it would mean she was not a good woman. Manav in anger requests her to not talk like it.

Swati apologizes to everyone for what happened, they reply how they thought of celebrating this event but Akanksha exclaims she is going to fulfill this ritual so tries to apply the Mehndi however Sakshi refuses to let her, she put down the Henna. Akanksha acts as if she is about to fall, Sakshi tries to help her yet she pushes her hand away exclaiming she no longer needs her help.


Kaamna 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sakshi sitting with Manav exclaims they can forget about the last wish of Yatharth mother but they must think if they would be able to remain happy without. Yatharth is shouting for help, Akanksha and Sakshi both reach and are stunned to see he is trapped in the fire, Yatharth falls unconscious while asking for help.

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