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Kaamna 28th January 2022 Manav explains the one whom Vibhav Kapoor is taking away is his life, so what price can anyone put on their life, he says Vibhav might not understand his words since he has a habit of paying for everything, and as for Akanksha coming to him, she is free to go anytime after the birthday of Yatharth, Manav ends the call.

Manav informs Akanksha that he has placed a price of ten crore for her, she replies he doesnot want to do anything wrong with him, Manav questions if she doesnot feel it is wrong when Akanksha says she doesnot, he informs that when the price of a women is set, no matter how big the amount is the women stoops really low, he leaves to prepare for the wedding saying that there should not be any mistake.

Manav is placing the pictures of his family, he recalls how Akanksha once said it is better to end those relationships which have thorns in them since they only tend to cause problems, so it is better to let them go, he in a depressed mood is preparing for the birthday party. M MNanav looking at the photo thinks how Akankhsa vowed while placing the hand on Yatharths head that she will never beak his trust,

he recalls how the special moments which he spent with his family and enjoyed a happy life, Akanksha coming from behind reveals she had arranged for a professional decorator but he refused to let them come in,

Manav replies he only sent them away because both of them would always decorate the birthday party of Yatharth, he questions if she removers the fourth birthday of Yatho when they tried to bake the cake at home, how she put some battar on his face so they both also enjoyed, Akanksha replies she had to bake the cake since he did not want to order the cake from outside, he asks if she thinks that the cake from any store would have the same flavour like the one which they baked,

he explains he is going to bring back Yatho, he requests her to not tell Yatho that she is leaving tonight, she promises him when he laughs, she asks what happened so he replies that she is leaving breaking so many promises but his heart even accepted it now.

Yatharth enters the house in excitement and hugs Akanksha after standing on the table, she informs that she has made the favourite desert for him and so they would like it a lot, Manav also informs they have made the pudding of carrots,

Yatharth asking him to come close informs that this Sunday they are going to the zoo where he will feed the rabbits and afdter they are coming back then would eat at the favourite restaurant of Akanksha. Manav replies they must not worry since he will hire some carterers, Akanksha is helping Yatharth get ready,

she asks if he is angry with her, Yatho hugging her explains a little since she no longer gives him the time and even slapped him yesterday, she apologizes for it, assuring she has planned for the good future of Yatharth and he along with his mother would live a good life, Yatho replies all three of them would live a happy life, Akanksha changing the topic explains she would do anything for his sake.

In the night the party is going on but both Manav and Akanksha are standing apart, they are really frustrated, Karan walks in with Bublie and his mother, Yatho immediately greets him when Akanksha’s mother presents him with a gift, Yatho asks her to see the time when he first saw snow, Manav informs it was really cold and even when they made sure Yatho was wearing a lot of clothes he still caught a cold, so Akanksha literally went to the doctors house in the middle of the night, he explains that her entire life revolves around Yatho and if something happens o him then she cannot live with it.

Akanksha’s mother says why only Yatho since he is also a part of her life and it is the best thing that can happen to a women, Manav thinks he is not even in her life, Akanksha feels odd so asks Yatho to come and cut the cake, they all wish Yatho on his birthday when Yatho explains that he is really happy since his wish got fulfilled, Rhea asks what did he ask for, Yatho explains he wanted everyone to come and attend the party which got fulfilled, He requests Karan to click a lot of photos since they would have it as a decoration on his next birthday.

Karan asks them both to come close as he is going to take their photo, Yatho asks them to give him a magic kiss, but he suddenly rushes away seeing Vinay, Manav and Akanksha come really close which makes them uncomfortable.

Vinay reveals that his father brought this game for him, Yatho advises him to speak in a low voice otherwise his mother would hear it, Amita replies she already knows about it, she greets both Manav and Akanksha informing Pankaj came to meet Vinay, she did not stop him since a child need both his parents and they have to adjust, Manav replies not all parents care for their children like her.

Bublie questions why they have made this party so boring as there should be some dance, they start dancing on the music and even Yatharth is really enjoying, Manav acts as if he happy but even wipes off his tears, Akanksha is constantly getting the messages from Vibhav Kapoor.

Manav is not able to bear the sight, he rushes to the side leaving the party so he can wipe off his tears, he recalls how Akanksha said to his face that she no longer loves him and is therefore leaving him, Manav pouts on a mask of the clown to hide his tears, he starts dancing with them all.

Akanksha mother explains the party was really nice but they must leave since tomorrow is the school of Yatharth, Bublie requests if they can stay tonight since she feels like talking a lot, Akanksha gets really worried so she says they cannot stay tonight since Maa said that tomorrow is the school of Yatharth and if they stay then he would not sleep, Karan exclaims they need to leave since no one is running away.

Yatharth requests Akanksha to come with him as he needs to open the gifts but Akanksha says it has gotten really late so he must go and sleep however she insists that he must sleep, Yatho agrees on the condition that they both sleep with him, Akanksha still refuses, Manav picking Yatho in his arms says it is nothing to worry about and she can at least do this for their son.


Kaamna 29th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav serves Yatho the breakfast, however the bread is burnt so Yatho refuses to eat it, Manav requests him to have it, he wonder when will his mother come back.Akanksha leaves with Vibhav, Manav running behind her till the door thinks that he has failed to be a good husband but no one can fail him in the role to be a good father.

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