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Kaamna 27th July 2022 Yadhu says to Manav that it’s not Sakshi’s fault but it’s him who asked Sakshi to accept Akanksha. Manav expresses his hatred towards Akanksha and Yadhu says that she has changed.

Manav says that he’s confused with all their behaviour as they’ve suddenly accepted Akanksha and forgot all her crimes but he can’t. He’s angry that everyone are behaving weird as if they don’t want the marriage to happen.

He badmouths Akanksha and Yadhu warns him to not say anything her. They both fight and Manav leaves angry at Yadhu saying that not every thing happens according to his wish. Akanksha comes to Yadhu and makes him understand that Manav is right from his point of view as he doesn’t know the truth.

She says that he’s upset as no one is reacting happy to the wedding news and Yadhu understands it. Sakshi also leaves upset hearing it.

Malti advises Sakshi to not spoil her life as it would be a big mess if something happens to Aka and asks her to think about her happy life with Manav.

Yadhu comes to crying Sakshi and apologizes for hurting her. Akanksha says about Manav upset everyone’s reaction towards the wedding news and advises them to understand Manav. They all gets into thinking and Sakshi agreed to them.

Akanksha asks them to keep aside their pain and enjoy the wedding. She calls parlour and books hairstylist and makeup artist. She also selects wedding dress for Sakshi and she likes it. Akanksha thinks in mind that all this is for her. She asks Sakshi to select Sherwani for Manav. She selects one and everyone likes it. Manav comes there but leaves upset. Akanksha asks Sakshi to follow him.

Sakshi comes to Manav and shows him the sherwani she chose for him. Manav asks if she finally made her decision for which Sakshi says she was never so sure about anything than this marriage. She calls him cute seeing his grumpy baby face and they both patch up.

Manav calls Sakshi to return her phone but she leaves before that. Akanksha thinks Manav scolded Sakshi and lashes out at him. Manav asks her to not come between him and Sakshi ahd Akanksha thinks that it’s the right time to reveal about her disease to Manav. She leaves pretending to be crying.

Akanksha says Yadhu that she can stay there anymore as Manav would never accept her. Manav is listening to their conversation hiding and Akanksha notices it.

She voluntarily says Yadhu that she just wanted to spend her last days with her family but she thinks she asked for too much. Manav comes in and angrily confronts them about what they meant. Yadhu says that Akanksha has stomach cancer shocking Manav. She confronts everyone for hiding about it but Swati says Akanksha is in her final stage.

Manav says he won’t let anything happen to Akanksha and Yadhu too requests him to do something. He is about to call his friend who’s a cancer specialist and Akanksha fears getting caught. She gives him the reports and pretends to be in pain in order to escape going to doctor. Manav sends the report to his friend who also confirms that Akanksha is in her final stage and nothing could be done. Manav’s asks Akanksha to come to doctor but she refuses.

Precap : 

Kaamna 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Akanksha will plead Manav to let her wish fulfilled which is to leave the world becoming his wife. She will ask him to complete the last wish for her.

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Telecast Date:27th July 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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