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Kaamna 19th July 2022 Manav is sleeping with Yahto on the bed, Yatho suddenly wkaes up and he turns to see his father sleeping bveside him, yatho gets off from the bed to take out the bag which contains their family photos,

he starts looking at them with the mobile light turned on, he recalls all the beautiful moments which they had as a family, how they all would spend their time together. He in frustration throws the photos.

Akanksha walks over to him calling him, she exclaims she is longing to hug him but he stands up in shock just as she starts screaming in pain mentioning that it is hurting a lot so he must take her to the doctor, she vomits the blood so Yatho hugs her but then Manav turns on the light asking what happened,

Sakshi also comes out with Malti aunti when Manav asks what is he doing here when he was sleeping in the bedroom, Yatho starts searching for someone so Manav questions. Sakshi taking out the photos shows Manav who asks if he was looking at the old photos, yatho at once exclaims he will not give him these photos.

Manav tries to question if he saw a nightmare, he assures that he is going to be there with him. Yatho starts crying when Manav questions what happened and then Yatho requests him to take him to his Grandmother’s house.

Akanksha wakes up in the middle of the night when her mother is sleeping, she going to the washroom exclaims she has to apply makeup to look like an ill person and after doing it exclaims that she is now looking like it and just in a low voice has to say it, she starts acting when her mother knocks on the door requesting her to open the door, but Akanksha doesnot respond and then thinks she also has the way to show fake blood. Akanksha throws it in the sink.

Manav mentions he is going to read a story so Yatho would be able to sleep but he keeps on insisting to meet his Grandmother at this time, Manav explains this is really late and they cannot go to her as she would be sleeping, Manav tries to take him inside but Yatho keeps on insisting and even pulls his hand which worries Manav who questions what has gotten into him,

Sakshi advises him to take deep breaths after which Manav inquires about the real reason that he is insisting to go to his Grandmother’s house, Manav explains even his grandmother was behaving weirdly and so has anything happened which he doesnot know, Yatho replies he just misses her so Manav must take him there, Manav asks him to come back into the room as he is waiting for him.

Swati is standing when Akanksha opens the door and comes to lie down on the bed, Swati is stunned seeing the blood in the sink prays that all the problems should end.

Manav is standing when Malti aunti comes, he says that yatho is still insisting when she informs that Sakshi has taken him to his grandmother’s house, Manav questions if they all have gotten mad as Sakshi agreed to his cries, he exclaims that his head is aching.

Swati is with Akanksha who is acting as if her head is aching, she hears the door bell so wonders who came at this time, she is stunned to see Yatharth is standing with Sakshi. She greets Swati explaining that she brought Yatho because he was insisting,

Swati replies that children are like this so he must stay here for the night, Sakshi replies that she did not inform Manav jee but Yatho also asks Sakshi to go back, she inquires about the health of Akanksha when Swati replies she is fine.

Sakshi reaches out when Manav steps out of his car, he says she showed real maturity by bringing Yatho at this time of night, he is about to head inside when Sakshi requests him to let Yatho stay for the night he sits back in the car.

Yatho is sitting with Swati on the bed, she asks him if he did not tell anything to Sakshi and Manav, she wonders what is happening to her daughter, yatho informs that he saw a really bad dream.

Manav and Sakshi enter the house, Malti aunti inquires if yatho did not come back, he rushes inside when Malti aunti requests her to show some patience.

Manav is sitting when Sakshi questions if he is that angry with her because of which he is not talking, he replies that he is worried because of what has happened to Yatho, Manav explains he feels something has changed about yatho as this a new plan of Akanksha,

Sakshi requests him to not over think it all as Yatho only talked with her and Swati aunti in the hospital. Manav is still worried about what is Akanksha planning since he doesnot know if something has happened, Sakshi replies Akanksha made it clear that she doesnot want to be a part of his life anymore. Manav is still worried.

Swati asks Yatho to come as they must let Akanksha sleep, she sits up on the bed exclaiming that her acting is going to the right direction since she must first make her place in his house and then his heart, she is sure Manav would not refuse it all.

Yatho sitting with Swati mentions that he was not able to explain to his father why he was so restless and so can he tell him the truth, Swati replies that she has called him as her son so doesnot want anything wrong to happen with him because he deserves all the happiness in his life,

she knows he would not marry if he finds out about the illness of Akanksha, she just needs the rest so that her last days are spent without any problem. Akanksha listening to their conversation thinks that her mother is helping her without any knowledge about her plans.

Precap: Manav questions yatho why would she stay with them asking if he forgot that she left them both, Yatho replies that he is the one who says she is his mother so he must accept the truth, yatho is adamant that Akanksha will stay with them which leaves Manav stunned.

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