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Kaamna 18th November 2021 Manav standing think what the reason was to buy the new mobile and that too by taking the money from Misses Manchanda but when does anyone listen to him, Akanksha also thinks she only bought a mobile by taking the loan, what does Manav get by saving so much money.

Yatharth is in his class when his teacher exlciams that they all performed well in the exams, but two students got the A star, she announces the name of Yatharth but realizes that he is not happy, she questions what happened when he replies that his friend left the school, the teacher exclaims she got to know when he replies that his friend also had to leave his father.

Akanksha calls Yatharth, she asks why he is so sad asking if he got the bad grades, when he says that he got A plus grade, she hugs him in excitement and then even takes a selfie with him, she asks why he is not happy even after getting such good grades.
Akanksha asks Amita if she is sure, Amita replies there is no other option left and so starts instructing the workers to go easy, Vinay mentions he cannot do anything as his mother said they must leave and now Yatharth will make a new friend, he hands Vinay a card for their last meeting.

Manav enters the house, he sits down taking off his shoes when Akanksha brings the glass of water, she exclaims this is the new mobile which she bought, Manav questions what the need was to take the money from Misses Manchanda as now all the society would know she took the money from her, Akanksha exclaims Misses Manchanda gave the money herself, Manav replies she gave the money because it was black money,

does she not know how much bribe does Mr Manchanda takes, Akanksha questions so what as he has the money which he needs, they don’t have to live as a minimizer like them, it is better to have money, Manav tries to scold her but she says that it is better to live with happens then with the rules and if he has to step over some lines in order to live happily then what is the wrong, Manav exclaims that the steps taken in the wrong path lead to destruction and she knows he cannot do what people like Manchanda do

, Akanksha exclaims he always takes the side of the truth then why those who take the bribe are sleeping in peace while he is being stuck with the tension of being suspended, Manav replies it is not that easy to suspend an employee who has such a good track record like him, Yatharth comes asking if they are fighting when Manav replies they were just talking, Yatharth goes inside when Manav questions why is he so troubled, asking if he got bad grades, Akanksha replies that even if he is his son even then he got A plus grades.

Mr Kapoor speaking to the audience explains that he knows his wife Niharika was really good and on this day she left them, he cannot fill the void but in her remembrance, the Kapoor industries has decided to send ten children abroad on scholarship, one of the reporter questions if he thinks he would have achieved this position without the help of his wife, Mr Kapoor accepts that he could not have been able to achieve anything without the support of his wife,

she then says there were rumours that he was not in a good relationship with his wife before her disappearance, Mr Kapoor asks if she has gotten married, he then asks if he can assume that her parents are married, he questions has she not seen any fights in their family, the reporter says why did her sister in law file the case against her, Mr Kapoor says he doesnot have any wrong feeling for her as she is family but it is wrong that she said such bad things about their relation to the press because of which they have made their careers, so now he desires that they take two minute silence for his wife.

In the night Yatharth is lying down in his bed when Manav comes, he exclaims that Yatharth has a fever which even worries Akanksha, she brings the medicine and Manav asks him to sit up, when he asks about what is the file of divorce, Manav explains that when both the parents are not able to live together happily because of the fights then it is called the divorce, Yatharth exclaims this is why he had to go to Indore,

Yatharth exclaims that when the parents are fighting their children have to leave their fathers so would he have to leave him as they were fighting, Akanksha exclaims that he must not worry because they were just discussing, Manav also asks him to not be worried because their parents would remain together forever, they all promise, Manav exclaims he will leave for the surprise which will be for his son.

Akanksha brings Yatharth upstairs when he asks if he can open his eyes when he opens it he is really glad to see that his father has arranged a pizza party for him, Manav starts enjoying with Yatharth who is still not able to eat it as he misses his friend, Manav says that he must not worry as he can still remain the friend of Vinay but chatting and talking with him on call, Manav asks him to make a wish after seeing a star, they see it when Yatharth prays that his parents never fight nor stay away.

Manav is sitting while Akanksha is dressing herself, he exclaim that children are really innocent as they tend to see whatever the elders are ignore, he explains that from now they will not argue in front of Yatharth, Akanksha questions then why did he start arguing with her for the new mobile and he went after giving her the hope of promotion but then came back with the problem of suspensions yet he must not do such things, Manav questions what was the need to take the money from Misses Manchanda,

she explains that if he gets suspended they will not be able to survive just like Mr Sharma who got suspended last year, and even then he wants a second child, Manav asks her to fulfil his wish because then he will do anything to fulfil her desires, she exclaims it is not good to crack jokes every time, he exclaims is there anything more for him then her happiness, she replies there is Yatho, he asks if she even has a problem with him, she says that she knows he is a good father, they both hug each other.

In the morning Manav is going to the room of Bansal sir, he mentions he was about to leave but needs to talk with him so asks if he has done anything to stop the suspension, Bansal sir asks what will he do now, Manav requests him to set a meeting with the commissioner as he will present his case in front of him, Bansal sir asks when they can solve it now so what is the need to make the matter worse, he explains that he has promoted Manav and solved his problem,

Manav gets worried but Bansal sir assures he has bene promoted Manav is shocked to read it and while walking Bansal sir asks him to bring sweets for everyone, while also saying what does he want as a gift, Manav requests to work from this city, Bansal sir replies that Vyas has complained against him so he should leave as he has bene promoted, Manav thinks if Akanksha would agree to leave for Indore,

Bansal sir stopping the car explains the position has been vacant since the past three weeks so he must report tomorrow, Manav requests to be send to any other location, Bansal sir in anger says he had to make a lot of efforts to get the promotion as he must either go to Indore or face suspension, Manav explains decisions made hasty tend to cause problems, he requests Bansal sir to wait till tomorrow as he wishes to discuss the matter with his wife.


Kaamna 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Akanksha is dancing with Manav, her friend exclaims she did not think Akanksha would be able to live with Manav for so many years.A person exclaims he likes the strength to Mr Kapoor by which he can figure out the weakness of others, Mr Kapoor thinks that anyone he desires tends to walk to him.

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