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Kaamna 15th November 2021 episode starts in the bustling city of Bhopal with a mother asking e spelling of precarious from her son while serving the breakfast, she advises him it while asking the spelling of aquissential, she then asks him to spell Phenomena, however he spells it wrong when she explains it is silent however he questions is father then why do they use it in the spelling, he replies he doesnot know why it is silent, she asks the spelling of Ostentatious, he is not able to spell,

she scolds him saying this is what he would do at the school, he mentions she must not place so pressure as it is just a competition, Akanksha mentions that the school requires a lot of donation so when the parents do not have any money then these extra circular activities help, he tries to defend their son saying he is just six years old, she replies parents have started to take their children to competition from the age of two years, Manav questions if the competition is off changing the diapers,

Akanksha exclaims he has started with his jokes, she explains the kids in recent times are wonder kids so she also desires that their son be a wonder kid as her mother, Manav exclaims she is a thunder women, Manav assures there is nothing to be worried about because smartness are in his genes, their son questions in which pocket, she advises him to hurry up and drink his milk so he remembers his spellings.

Akanksha is hurryingly doing the chores, when Manchanda jee sitting across asks his wife if today is Saturday, she angrily asks if they have to go to the Mandir today then when he agrees so she says this means today is Saturday, he asks then where is Akanksha going in such a hurry, Sumon feels irritated and asks Akanksha why is she in such a hurry, Akanksha replies that today is the spelling bee competition of their son, Sumon wishes her luck, she turning asks why is he worrying so much, she sends him away ordering him to make tea for her.

Akanksha is trying to select what necklace should she wear, Manav coming from behind exclaims that why is she worrying so much as she should would look beautiful even a simple Mangal Sutur, Akanksha exclaims that it is not just about looking nice but that the jewellery must also look expensive,

their son comes rushing saying he is ready, Many asks about the cab, she replies it coming, Akanksha gets worried saying that the cab driver has cancelled it soi she should book another, Manav tries to exclaim that there is a way but Akanksha is adamant on calling cab even when Manav explains it would get them late, however Akanksha doesnot want to sit in it however she is forced to, Manav mentions now she should see how he will take them without any worry.

Akanksha leaves with Manav, while her neighbour is standing on the balcony, Sumon jee comes asking if he is feeling worried that such a pretty woman is traveling in such a vehicle because of her son, he replies it is not the case, Sumon replies it better not be otherwise she will crush his neck.

Manav is driving when the car suddenly stops, Akanksha in anger says she will not push it, their son asks to check if there is fuel, Manav replies that there is ample, Akanksha exclaims this car doesnot drive on fuel but prayers, Manav explains it is a good idea so he prays to Bajrang Bali and then tries to start the car, which proves to be successful, Akanksha exclaims the way to school is half an hour and why is there so much traffic on the road, Manav exclaims when the most beautiful women of Bhopal comes out on the road why would their not be any traffic,

she gets mad when he exclaims that it was just a joke but there is repair work going on in the city, the radio show exclaims that today there is a meteor shower going which they cannot see but can make a wish, Akanksha p[rays they just reach the school in time, Manav mentions that she should worry about the ways because he is the Municipal officer, he knows the ways of the city better then her, she asks him to look forward when he mentions she will now see his works,

he questions why is he taking a right, Manav explains that there is the work going off relating to wires, Akanksha is shocked when he taking the right turn stops the car wondering why ahs the work not ended as this means the worker was just making excuses, he is about to call when Akanksha asks him to worry for his wife and son because today is a holiday.

Manav exclaims what will happen now, Akanksha questions what happened, he replied they have arrived ten minutes early, Akanksha questions him when he would get the air conditioner repaired, he explains he would have it done after a week, he gets worried saying then it would make the car drive slow and also will consume more fuel, Akanksha questions why does he need to drive fast as he is not any shoemaker. Their son asks who it is, she instead questions him about the spelling.

Akanksha questions their son about the spelling of Mississippi, he is not able to spell it when Manav comes questioning how is his champion son, he looks at Akanksha, Manav exclaims how would a child be whose mother is so angry, she asks him to see how she was just asking about the spelling of Mississippi which he doesnot know, Manav questions if she thinks it is easy as when he was the age of Siddharth he only knew how to spell his name, Akanksha replies this is why she doesnot want their son to be like him, he stands behind her advising his son to say about urine, they both leave which frustrates Akanksha.

Sidharth asks Manav why does his mother bring him to such competitions every weekend while his friends are resting, Manav asks how does he feel when he has a lot of money in his box, Siddharth exclaims he feels nice, he replies just like that his mother feels delighted when he achieves the first placve in such competitions, they will help him in the future and he will thank his mother for taking him to such competitions,. Sidharth looks at the Samosa, they both go to eat it.

Akanksha is standing in the line when two of her friends exclaim from behind how they should go to meet her, they both ask how does she manage to get the time to have a facial in the morning, the other friend exclaims does she not know that it is her beauty look, Akanksha feels very delighted with the gold jewellery of her friend, they ask her to stop wearing the fake jewellery, Akanksha feels embarrassed, there is an announcement requesting the owner of a white car to remove it from the parking, Akanksha realizes that it is their car so tries calling Manav however he has left his mobile with her, she herself goes out to the parking and while reversing the car accidentally hits another car.

The guard comes to her questioning if she even knows how to drive a car as she hit the favourite car of his boss, the person comes out from the rear aside apologizing to Akanksha for the rude behaviour of his staff, he offers to himself park her car if she allows, Akanksha agrees so he parks her car, then she leaves while the planners of the competition greet Mr Kapoor for taking the time to attend their function, he assures it was just an honour for her, they all head inside.

Akanksha enters the hall when she is wondering if there is any seat, Manav asks her to com and sit down, she asks why it took so long for him to make sure that Siddharth attends the bathroom, he explains that Sidharth would have gotten scared, Akanksha questions if he is actually telling the truth when Manav explains they went to eat the Samosa. Manav questions why she got so late,

Akanksha explains that she went to take their car out from the VIP parking and in the process hit another car, Manav after inquiring about her heath asks if their car is fine, Akanksha explains that another small injury would not hurt an already drying the car. The competition starts when they introduce all the participants and first call Siddharth, he correctly spells each word but then is not able to spell Mississippi, they send him back, Akanksha on their way back is scolding Sidharth exclaiming how she was about to teach him the word, but they had to go and eat the Samosa.

Manav however tries to calm her down explaining that she must not be worried since their son was the youngest competitor, Akanksha apologizes to Sidharth mentioning how they will have a good lunch, Manav hints at the thali restaurant which angers her, she replies that she will not accept anything under a fancy restaurant, Manav tries to reason with her saying it would get too expensive but she doesnot care.

Manav sitting at the restaurant is checking the prices so they can order accordingly then, Akanksha exclaims he should not worry since the order will reveal the prices, when Manav explains that she is there to do this, Akanksha says she has heard it, Manav sees that the some people have went to the kitchen demanding the restaurant owners to show the them their license otherwise their restaurant would be sealed, they say that he should care for them if they want their restaurant to remain open,

then Manav entering the kitchen manages to find out they are imposters, they try to run away but are caught by the staff. Manav ends his meal when the manager coming to them tries to give them any incentive which he can offer however Manav refuses them all, he even doesnot let Akanksha take the coupon which angers her, she while walking with him questions what was wrong with taking the coupon as it was just a sign of appreciation when Manav makes her realize how it was all just a bribe and he cannot accept it,

Akanksha explains even she desires to have a beautiful life filled with luxurious and not like him, he however explains that she must not think like this, she gives him the example of their neighbour who is working in the same position as him but has a bigger car, Manav says he cannot go against his rules otherwise he would feel like a small person, he explains he has everything he needs in his life, a beautiful wife and cute son so what more can he demand, she asks him to give her any way with which she can change his views, he however replies it can never happen.

Akanksha is driving with Manav in the car when a lady comes requesting them to buy a fan, she refuses but Manav agrees to buy, Akanksha questions if he is fine as he did not even bargain even for a moment, Manav replies it is about the necessity and her need was more than them, Akanksha while being stuck in a traffic jam sees the car, she exclaims how she wishes that this car belongs to her, Manav exclaims he doesnot want anything else from life as he has got her as his wife.


Kaamna 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Akanksha arguing with Manav exclaims they should end a relation if it is not working out, Manav exclaims what is she talking about since they can cure the relation so what is the need to end it, Mr Kapoor sees Akanksha at a perfume shop, he going there asks the sales girl to check for her contact detail, he is really eager to get them.

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