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Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 4th November 2021 Episode starts with Nanda telling Yashoda that they have to attend a wedding. Yashoda says how will I go leaving Kanha. Nanda asks who will come to our house then? Yashoda says if we don’t go, or if nobody comes here, then our lalla will be away from everyone’s bad sight. Nanda says I am mukhiya of Gokul. Yashoda says I am scared of leaving Kanha.

Rohini asks them to go. Yashoda says I don’t want to go. Balram says he came to see how Putna comes here. The ladies come there, and asks Yashoda if she needs Daai. Nanda says Daai will help you to take care of Lalla. Yashoda says don’t need any Daai to take care of my son. The lady says superior Daai is with us.

Putna comes there. Yashoda says I didn’t see her before. The lady says she is superior Daai and is always busy. She came here for the first time. Putna enters inside and hears baby laughing. The lady says you are lucky to get this Daai. Nanda says you can leave kanha with Daai and come with me. Yashoda takes her to Krishn, and says he is my Kanha. Putna looks at him. Yashoda says my son will test you, before I ask you anything. She goes near Krishna and then goes far from him. Krishn cries.

Yashoda asks Putna if she can make her son quiet. Putna thinks she has snatched the baby happiness and says she can’t stop baby from crying. She takes him in her lap. She thinks if I have become deaf when he stops crying. Balram thinks what game is he playing? Yashoda says now you will handle Kanha.

Putna thinks to kidnap the baby and leave. Krishn tells Balram that she has come with her wish and will leave with our wish. Yashoda asks Putna why she is making the empty cradle swing. Putna says he was here only. Yashoda says he was there. Putna says he is very mischievous. Yashoda says yes, you have to take care of him specially.

Balram ties Putna’s hair with the swing. Yashoda asks Putna not to break her trust. Putna notices her hair tied to the swing and gets irritated. She thinks to beat Balram. Yashoda tells her about the dos. Rohini says I will tell her, and says I have much work today, but if you want help, I will be near the cowshed.

Yashoda asks Kanha that she will go and come back. Rohini asks Balram to take care of both of them. Putna thinks to kill them both. She frees her hair and runs behind Balram. She says I will teach you a lesson, you will not forget. She shouts balram and runs behind him. Balram fools her and runs. She tries to catch him. He makes her fall. Putna says I will kill you. Yashoda calls Putna and asks why Kanha is alone.

Putna says I was searching Balram. Yashoda says Balram is very understanding and takes care of his brother well. She says you can go from here. Balram asks Krishn to do something. Krishn cries. Putna takes him in her lap. Yashoda says lalla keeps quiet in your lap, though you couldn’t take care of him.

Putna assures that she will take care. Yashoda says I have forgotten why I returned? She says I had forgotten the gifts to be given in the marriage. She asks Putna, and Balram to take care of Krishn. Putna thinks I will make you both play the game, get ready to play the game. Krishn thinks all the world will see, the game played by me with you. Putna tries to scare Krishn. Krishn claps and laughs. Putna says your smile and soul will be snatched by this Putna.

Krishn says I am scared and keeps hand on his face. Putna says nobody can come between us now. Krishn thinks where is Dao? Balram comes there and calls her Rakshasi, and asks her to fight with him. Putna says you will face me. Balram says you will know now, about my power. Krishn says we shall not hit her, we shall play game with her. Balram thinks you said right. He throws the pot near Putna and runs.

Krishn laughs. Putna thinks this boy will not let me do my work, first I have to kill this boy, and then will kill this divine boy. She runs and tries to catch Balram. Balram makes her fall down and puts pot on her head. He asks her to catch him. Putna says you don’t know whom you are facing. She says she is Putna and comes in her real avatar. Balram keeps his hand on his mouth and laughs. Putna says she is Kans’s sister Putna and says Kans has sent her to kill his brother. She says she will not return without doing her work.


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :She sends message to Kans that she will bring the dead bodies of the boys. Later Krishn asks Balram to see. He gives his divine glimpse to putna.

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Telecast Date:4th November 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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