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Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 28th October 2021 Episode starts with Yashoda telling Nanda that it is the same pitambara which I sent to Yashoda, and says how can this miracle happen. Nanda says all pitambara are same. Rohini comes there and asks them to come. They come to the place and sees all the animals and birds gathering together. Nanda says it is a miracle of our lalla. Yashoda asks Balram to take care of Lalla and moves his cradle so that he don’t cry. Balram says ok.

Kans asks his soldier where is Akroor. Akroor comes there and greets him. He says when he got his message, he was in the war. Kans says I don’t trust anyone else other than you, and says only you can help. He says Devtas have cheated on me. Akroor says I know and asks him not to worry, tell that he will find his kaal. Kans asks him to search him and keep eye on all the boys. He says if any boy’s birth is celebrating, inform me and bring that boy to me. Akroor says ok and asks soldiers to send the spies to different places.

Mahadev smiles. Devi Parvati says it seems you got invitation. Mahadev says I will show it, and nobody can identify me. Time has come to do darshan of my aaradhya. Krishn’s birth is celebrated at Nanda’s house. He sings the title sosng. Krishn claps and enjoys everyone’s dancing. Maahdev comes there and greets Krishn from far. Krishn lifts his hand.

Mahadev freezes everyone and asks Krishn to accept his gift, a peacock feather comes from the sky and ties on Krishn’s hair. Yashoda sings song for her lalla, just as the moment is relaxed. The ladies tell Yashoda that they came to bless the baby and will not go until they take the baby in their arms. Balram comes infront of Krishn and says Yashoda Maiyya told me not to let anyone touch lalla, as he is small. Yashoda says I told him, as lalla is small.

Balram thinks how maiyya will stop the special guest. Suddenly there is a storm and heavy wind comes. Yashoda takes Krishn inside. Nanda asks Rohini and Balram to come inside. Yashoda asks Lalla, if he got mud on his face, and says it is mother and will protect you. She kisses on his cheeks. Nanda tells Yashoda that few brahmins have come for lalla’s darshan. Yashoda says they want dakshina. She says I won’t let them see my lalla. Nanda says they came hearing your lalla’s appraisal.

Yashoda says ok, I will meet them. She goes. Balram tells Krishn if Maiyya will let you meet your Aradhya. Krishn says let him come first. Mahadev is about to come inside, and says I will see, who will stop me in this Brahmin avatar. Krishn makes him come in his mahadev avatar. Mahadev thinks what is this maya and becomes Brahmin again. Krishn says I want my Aaradhya to meet me in his real avatar. Mahadev agrees and says your bhakt will come to see you in his mahadev avatar. He starts walking inside.

Suddenly Krishn cries as per his plan. Balram says you was smiling before and now crying suddenly. Rohini comes there and scolds Balram. She calls lalla and asks Balram to swing the cradle. Yashoda comes out and sees two brahims. Mahadev comes in his avatar. Yashoda says only you three, couldn’t meet lalla. She says I was told that Brahmins have come, but you are imposters. Mahadev says imposter and says prabhu asked us to come in my real avatar. She asks from where do you come?

Mahadev says I stay on Kailash mountain. Yashoda says you have taken avatar of Mahadev. Mahadev says I am someone else’s bhakt and asks her to let him see her lalla. Yashoda asks them to come one by one, and take Mahadev first. She tells Mahadev that if my lalla sees you in this avatar, then he will gets scared. She asks him to leave his trishul and snake there. Mahadev says ok and takes them out. He asks can I get inside. The Brahmins who are still at the door are imposters of Kans, and thinks to find out who is the boy? Mahadev comes to Krishn. Krishn smiles.


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahadev gifts flute to Krishn. Hanuman visits Krishn and touches his feet. Kans meets lady demon and asks her to bring that boy to him.

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Telecast Date:28th October 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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