Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update


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Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 16th November 2021 Episode starts with Yashoda , Rohini, Nanda, Balram and others feeding kheeer to Kanha. Mahadev tells that it is an iconic moment, my Aaradhya is having kheer from everyone’s hand and Balram is happy.

Devi Parvati says Balram is very happy to be the elder brother, and your Aaradhya is very happy and satisfied. Kanha calls her behna and says I want Mahadev to feed me kheer. Mahadev vanishes from kailash. Kanha says my Aaradhya is coming to Gokul to take part in this festival. He welcomes Mahadev. Mahadev comes there. Kanha runs on the road to reach Mahadev, holding the kheer pot. The ladies run behind him, to make him have kheer. Song plays….Balram dances. Shiv smiles.

Kanha thinks he has to go to Mahadev. He finds a lady crying and eats kheer with her hand. Mahadev picks the kheer bowl. Kanha is coming running to him. Mahadev sits on the ground. Kanha opens his mouth asking him to feed him kheer. Mahadev smiles and feeds him kheer. Kanha smiles. All the Devtas smile and fold their hands. Mahadev gets emotional. Kanha thanks him. Yashoda thinks where did he go?

She searches him and finds him having kheer by Mahadev. She thinks who is this Sadhu. Balram sees yashoda walking towards there, and tells Kanha in his heart. Kanha says Maiyya came, now Mahadev has to go. Yashoda comes near Kanha and finds Mahadev missing. She thinks where did that sadhu go? Balram says this festival is completed now. Kanha says new game is about to begin.

Akroor tells Kans that he has found the Asur who can take anyone’s avatar, human dead or alive or anything. He says this Asur is very powerful than Putna. Kans asks him to bring him. Shaktasur is seen. Prapti tells that it is the fruit of my prayers. Akroor says I couldn’t find that Asur.

Kans gets angry. Just then they see the lion showpiece moving and then sees it becoming Shaktasur. Shaktasur apologizes to Kans and says he wants to exhibit his power infront of him. Kans says I am impressed. Shaktasur says I know that you asked them to search Devki’s 8th son, but the Gokul residents are celebrating today, forgetting the worry of paying double tax. Kans gets angry. Shaktasur tells that he had went to Gokul as Putna’s dead body was found near Gokul.

He says he has started searching that boy. Kans asks him to go there and bring that boy. Prapti tells Kans that this Asur is over confident and he might have the same condition as Putna. Kans asks Prapti, do you know why do I hear you? He says I love you as you always think about my betterment, else I would have leave you at your father’s house. He calls Asti and says he will take no time to make Prapti as Asti. Prapti is shocked.

Balram runs behind Kanha and finds him fallen in the mud. He says you have fallen in the mud. He cleans his clothes. Kanha asks him to get some mud applied to him. balram asks which game is beginning? Yashoda asks Nanda not to get worried. Nanda says it is not easy, and tells that Gokul mela will start in 2 days and I haven’t invited 50 villagers until now. Yashoda asks him to invite everyone from now onwards. Nanda says this mela is important to pay the double tax to Kans. Yashoda says this mela will be special for our Kanha too. She says Kanha is of this mud. Balram says they are thinking wrong. Kanha says I will prove that I am the son of this land. Balram asks how?

Some Sadhus come to Gokul and meet the villagers. The villagers tell about Putna’s death to them. Shaktasur is there as the showpiece and comes in his form. He thinks that is his boy’s work, I shall get info from the villagers about that boy. The Sadhus are taking dip in the holy water. Shaktasur joins them as Sadhu and hypnotizes everyone. He has the food and asks the villagers to tell about the rakshasni’s death story. The villagers tell that they saw the boy playing on dead rakshasni’s stomach.

Balram asks Kanha not to touch the mud toys. The ladies tell that Kanha likes the mud as he is made up of this land. Kanha says I will prove that I belong to this mud, and starts eating it. Balram asks why are you eating the mud and shouts Maiyya. Yashoda comes to Kanha and asks him to take out the mud? She wipes his mouth with her pallu and asks why did you eat it?

Balram thinks it is good that I called Maiyya. Kanha says I will prove that I belong to Gokul. The lady says nothing will happen to Kanha, and asks her not to get scared. Yashoda says I love Kanha very much. He is very small and doesn’t know what he shall eat or not. She says my Kanha is my brahmand and not just my life. Kanha says you said right, brahmand is in me.


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Yashoda scolds Kanha and asks did you have mud again and asks him to open his mouth. He opens his mouth. Yashoda sees brahmand/universe in his mouth. He says all the brahmand is in me.

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Telecast Date:16th November 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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