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Imlie 8th October 2022 Imlie thanks Chini for bringing Atharva’s first gift for her. She hugs Chini and tells Rupali that her sister is very lucky for her. Rupali asks her to check Atharva’s gift in a mirror and show it to bandar/Sundar phupha and Arpita mausi. Imlie leaves. Chini asks Rupali why did she give her jewelry to Imlie.

Rupali says it belongs to Imlie. Chini says Atharva give it as a bribe to inform Imlie that he wants to break his engagement with Imlie. Rupali asks her to stop being jealous of Imlie and try to break her alliance,

she would have informed them last nighitg itself if Atharva had said that, she should understand that Imlie is destined to marry Atharva and stop interfering now and get ready to meet Jatin. Chini thinks Atharva dumped a big responsibility on her.

Devika and Rudra discuss how children grew up so soon. Rudra says he and his children used to play cricket as a team, Atharva chose a different path, but Akash took a wrong way and after they got him married to Keya,

Akash became more scheming and greedy. He says Atharva will soon realize that Imlie is the love of his life as imagines Devika in Imlie who always supported him in his good and bad times. Devika asks if he is praising her or his DIL, even she is sure that Imlie is the best choice for Atharva. Rudra says Atharva is still behind Chini who is not a right choice for him and one day he will realize that.

Imlie helps Chini select a dress and asks vendor to show her red color dresses. Vendor says he thought its Imlie’s marriage. Imlie says who knows there must be 2 wedding in same mandap and Chini get a dream life partner like Atharva. Chini calling her Mr Shutlik says its took much. Arpita informs Sundar that Narmada left for pilgrimage to pray god not to create any problem during Imlie’s bidayi.

Sundar says Narmada wants to get rid off Imlie, but Imlie thinks of family’s happiness and even now she is selecting a dress for Chini and not herself. He says he is worried after hearing Rudra and hopes Chini doesn’t pose a problem for Imlie. Arpita says all kids are not same, maybe Chini will like Jatin and stop interfering in Imlie’s life.

Chini rejects Imlie’s selected dresses and looking at the necklace says Arto’s choice is best. Imlie thinks she is talking about her and says let us check jewelry now. Chini says Atharva’s gited necklace is more beautiful, maybe Atharva gave that gift to her and not Imlie, then says she is joking. Imlie thinks she should thank Atharva for his gift and messages him. Atharva thinks Chini messaged him.

Chini takes Imlie’s phone and messages him to meet at 4 p.m. at Dussehra mela. Atharva gets happy and eagerly waits for 4 p.m. Keya overhears him and thinks if he meets Chini and clears the confusion, then her plan will be failed. Atharva’s chacha and chachi select dresses to gift Imlie and discuss if Atharva will really marry Imlie or not. Atharva leaves home.

Rahtore family visit Dussehra mela to meet Jatin and his family. Imlie holds Chini’s hand tightly seeing crowd and asks Chini to not leave her hand. Chini takes Imlie to a stall and silently escapes to meet Atharva. Imlie panics seeing herself alone. Sundar with Arpita and Rupali meet Jatin and his family. Jatin touches their feet as a respect and takes them to have tea. Keya rushes to Akash and says there is a big problem.

Akash busy over phone cracking a lame business deal asks her to wait for sometime. Jatin’s mother tells Rupali that Jatin has fallen in Chini’s love and asks her to call Chini. Arpita says Chini and Imlie are somewhere around. Imlie panics seeing crowd. Atharva reaches mela and searches for Chini. Chini finds her phone signal off and climbs a bench. Atharva notices his hookline Chini and calls her.

Jatin’s mother asks Arpita to call Chini and Imlie. Sundar says they must be busy shopping at stalls, she need not worry as they will come soon. Jatin says mom will be worried until they return, so he will go and bring them. Rupali doubts that Chini must have left Imlie alone in crowd. Panicked Imlie tries to call Rupali and finds her phone signal off. She notices a few kids playing with fire crackers and sits under Ravan’s effigy.


Imlie 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Someone burns Ravan’s effigy. Atharva heads towards Chini when he notices Imlie sitting under Ravan’s effigy and rushes to save her.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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