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Imlie 6th August 2022 Malini checks news paper deal papers and praises Aryan that he cracked the deal at a such a low price that they won’t incur losses if even they shut this news paper. She says she wouldn’t have even thought about it.

Aryan says he doesn’t expect any intelligence from her. Malini says she agrees that he is a good businessman and destroyed the idiots who tried to harm him, now they should return back to Delhi.

Aryan says she can go, he will not go without taking an apology letter. Malini says this news paper is his apology letter and he can print that he is the best as headlines for a whole month. Aryan says he came here to seek an apology from a journalist, but she burnt apology letter and hence he will not return without apology letter.

Malini asks him to leave it to her, she will send legal notice to Imlie and make her suffer her whole life. Aryan says he gave her right in his business and not personal life, so she should just stay out of it. Malini thinks Aryan cannot hide his truth with smart lines, she knows she is not here for a piece of paper but to gather his broken heart pieces.

Aryan feels a stinky smell from outside and walks out to see Imlie stamping cow dung cakes on the wall singing jovially in her usual style. He asks what is she doing. She says she is shooing off mosquitoes and unwanted people from here. Aryan says he is the owner of this news paper and will not allow her to do all this.

Imlie says she doesn’t have any work, so she loves making cow dung cakes. Aryan gives her a junior reporter’s assignment. Another reporter says Imlie is has covered many big stories and it doesn’t look good if she does a small assignment. Aryan says he is the boss and its his order. Imlie says she will do whatever assignment is given to her.

Malini thinks they are such a cute couple who are separated even after being so close, she will make sure they don’t reunite again and will not let Cheeni, Meethi or Imlie’s Seeta maiya help them.

Meethi passes by news paper office to drop Cheeni to school holding Imlie’s prepared laddus. Cheeni insists to taste them right away. Meethi says they shall share it at home. Cheeni notices Aryan’s car and rushes in to share laddu with him. Malini notices her and asks what is she doing here.

Cheeni asks why is she stinking like a cow dung. Malini says her village peopel’s acts stink and not her. Cheeni warns her to dare not talk ill about her villagers or else she will pinch her, then remembers Imlie’s order to respect everyone and says Imlie taught her to respect everyone. She offers laddu to Malini saying Imlie prepared it.

Malini gets angry hearing Imlie’s name and throws it in dustbin. Cheeni gets angry and taunts that she is very lonely and can never get a companion. Malini gets angry and tries to catch her. Imlie runs away leaving Malini fuming.

Cheeni meets Aryan and requests him to accompany him to school. Aryan says he looks young but already studied in school. She says she has a speech competition at school and she wants him toa attend it. He apologizes and says he has some important work to finish. She offers him laddus. He decides to drop her to school.

Imlie reaches school to cover the story and thanks Seeta maiya for giving her this assignment at the right time. She bumps on 2 men and asks if they hurt. They say no and rush in. Imlie feels a weird smell. Cheeni with Aryan and Meethi reaches there. Imlie asks what is Aryan doing there. Aryan says he brought Cheeni.

Imlie takes Cheeni and says Cheeni is not a 5-day-old kid but 5 year old. Aryan and Imlie’s nok jhok starts. Cheeni signals Imlie to behave with Aryan. Imlie acts as behaving well with Aryan. Aryan asks if she is fine or is in a shock. Imlie asks what kind of a shock. Aryan asks if she is unable to bear her sad life and is behaving well with him hoping he would pity on her and ease her life. Imlie says he never helped her.

Aryan says she didn’t, he is here on Cheeni’s invitation or else wouldn’t have come here. Imlie says they should tolerate each other for Cheeni’s sake. Aryan says he lost his patience 5 years ago and doesn’t have much patience left.

Teacher calls all students to come with her. Cheeni follows her. Meethi says she will distribute laddus to everyone. Imlie says let the competition finish. Meethi says she knows Cheeni will win and offers laddu to Aryan.

Imlie says she didn’t prepare extra laddus to waste. Aryan says already Cheeni gave him 1 laddu, picks one more and says she should add more sweetness next time. Imlie walks away from there frowning. She reaches a store room and senses a weird smell again from the boxes kept nearby.

Both men stop her from checking the box and says it has sweets for children. Imlie leaves. Men discuss its good Imlie didn’t check the box as it contains 1 week old stale laddus. Malini enters and hears their conversation. They get afraid seeing her. Malini says they have to do some work for her. They ask what kind of work. Malini picks Imlie’s laddu box and thinks she will start her game with Imlie part 2 Cheeni.

Teacher calls all students on stage for the competition. Imlie starts recording. Aryan stops her and asks her to sign a new apology letter and say she is apologetic to all her mistakes. Imlie says she is apologetic to all her mistakes and Aryan is her biggest mistake.

Aryan says Imlie doesn’t do anything without benefit, so he will offer her a deal to sign the letter and enjoy watching cheeni’s speech in front row. Imlie writes on the letter. Aryan gets angry seeing she will not apologize written.


Imlie 7th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie asks Aryan why would she risk her village children’s lives, she is not wrong. Aryan says she doesn’t have any proof as usual. Imlie says she proved her innocence. Aryan calls police, asks Imlie to prove her innocence in front of everyone, and gets her arrested.

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Telecast Date:6th August 2022
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