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Imlie 4th August 2022 Aryan and Imlie challenge each other and part ways. Imlie thinks last time she part ways from him as she didnt’ want to give him pain, but this time she will stand still like a mountain. Aryan thinks he will become a flood and drown Imlie in the anger he preserved since 5 years. During pooja at Rathore House,

Malini tries to take her phone, but Anu stops her and phone falls in havan fire. Arpita taunts Malini that she is so eager to reunite Aryan and Imlie that she dropped her phone in fire. Malini hopes Aryan doesn’t meet Imlie.

Aryan returns to his hotel room and misses Imlie. Imlie watches rain and misses Aryan. They both remember their last argument and feel frustrated. Tujhe Bhuladiya.. song plays in the background. They both recall all their past romantic moments and fights.

Next morning, Meethig gets Cheeni ready for school. Imlie gives her tiffin of pickle and roti. Cheeni says she needs something else. Meethi asks kadi chawal, kheer, halwa. Cheeni says pinja/pizza. Imlie asks if she is planning to meet Aryan again,

then she can’t. Cheeni insists to have pizza. Meethi supports Cheeni and sks Imlie to get Cheeni whatever she wants. Cheeni dances singing naan/granny no 1 and thanks hero/Aryan for feeding her tasty food. Imlie says she should stop chanting Aryan’s name as he won’t be with her always.

Malini gets angry on Anu for dropping her phone in fire. Anu say she should concentrate on marrying Aryan and lead a happy life. Malini says she doesn’t want to marry Aryan. Technician checks her mobile and informs that her sim card is fine but data is erased. Malini throws her floor and says she doesn’t know what Rajat messged her.

Naramada with Arpita and Sundar speaks to Aryan and indirectly asks if he met Imlie. Aryan sensing Arpita and Sundar’s presence asks them to stop discussing about Imlie. They both ask if he met Imlie and what did they speak. Aryan says he did and doesn’t want to meet her again, but has to to destroy her.

They all get concerned for Imlie and ask him to forget the past and move on with Imlie as god brought them in front of each other again. Aryan says he knows how Imlie is and will return to Delhi only after permanently ending the reason to revisit Pagdandiya again.

Imlie goes to buy pizza and pasta ingredients from a shop on credit. Shopkeeper insults her and says he will not give her credit anymore. Neela with Preeta meets Anu and Malini and informs that Aryan met Imlie. Malini panics hearing that and says she sensed something wrong will happen today.

Preeta starts her drama and says Imlie with lure Aryan again and get back into his life. Imlie visits news paper office and requests editor for her salary. Editor says giving her salary is not under his control. Imlie asks under whose control is it in now then. Aryan enters and says its under his control as he bought the news paper and demands her to sign an apology letter and take her salary.

Imlie says she has 2 months’ salary pending, he can give her salary and take her jai seeta maiya ki greeting in return. Aryan says he changed the rules, has stopping hiring freelancers, so she should work in the office for salary; he is her boss from today and she is her employee. Imlie recalls the same words in the past and walks away refusing his offer.

Imlie passes by a grocery shop with Cheeni. Shopkeeper taunts her that his biggest creditor is passing by. Imlie says he is also father of 2 children and knows the feelings of his children, so he should give her pizza grocery in credit. Shopkeeper gives her stones in a bag instead and says this is her status.

Cheeni confronts him. Shopkeeper asks if she got pizza for her daughter in charity from a man, she should lure him and get a father’s name for her daughter in charity. Imlie slaps him warns him to dare not speak ill or else she will trash him.

Shopkeeper’s assistant gets angry and says she is spoiling whole Pagdandiya with her sins and warns her to run away. Cheeni picks stone to throw at shopkeepers. Shopkeeper lifts and throws her away. Aryan enters and holds Cheeni. Cheeni gets happy seeing hero ji.


Imlie 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie asks Aryan why would she risk her village children’s lives, she is not wrong. Aryan says she doesn’t have any proof as usual. Imlie says she proved her innocence. Aryan calls police, asks Imlie to prove her innocence in front of everyone, and gets her arrested.

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Telecast Date:4th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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