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Imlie 29th April 2022 Imlie shouts at Uday that like he threw his parents out of the house, he should also be trashed and thrown into a drain. Uday says she is a dirty drain worm instead and tries to slap her. Aryan stops him and slaps him repeatedly apologizing Imlie for not understanding her point and selecting a monster for Arpita.

Parents plead with Aryan not to beat their son. Aryan explains the importance and sacrifice of parents for their children in detail. He warns Uday that his lawyers will fight against Uday on behalf of his parents and throws him out of house. He then apologizes Uday’s parents for the trouble they faced because of him and requests guests to leave.

He then apologizes Arpita and Narmada for trying to force them into a wrong relationship. Imlie thinks Aryan’s words are 100% true, even she wrong that she is not talking to her mother properly.

Nila taunts Narmada that Arpita is inauspicious who lost her husband due to her ill fate, no one will marry her now, so she brought Uday for her, but even he rejected her. Imlie and Aryan warn her not to speak ill about Arpita. Imlie says nobody is inauspicious hee, Seeta maiya called back Arvind to her, Arpita is fighting bravely for herself,

Uday was thrown out instead, Arpita’s presence in this house is lucky for the family instead. Nila yells what she about the society when she herself is he mother’s sin. Aryan and Imlie at once warn her to dare not speak ill about amma. Aryan says Nila doesn’t know about Amma’s life or her struggles, Amma is also his mother, Nila is testing his patience, and once his patience breaks down,

it won’t be good for Nila. Narmada stops him. Aryan says his mother never differentiated between her son and daughter, so his sister will get equal share with him. He says Nila finds difficult to memorize Arpita’s name, he will make memorize Arpita’s name; her name is Arpita Singh Rathore who is a college topper and debate champion who can defeat Nila in debate.

Arpita breaks down and locks herself in a room. Aryan and Imlie rush towarsd her room and plead her to open the door. Arpita thinks she is getting probblematic fo her family, Aryan and Imlie are having issues because of her, she is good for nothing, now she has o set everthing right by ending her life.

She tries to consume sleeping pills. Aryan tries to break the door open. Sundar enters Arpita’s room via balcony and then breaking the widow open. He throws medicine bottle away and scolds Arpita that she cannot attempt suicide and shall have to live away from him, etc. Arpia asks if he is saying her I love you. He stops ands says I love you. Arpita says I love you too Sundar ji and hugs him. Imlie feels happy seieng that.

Aryan breaks the door open and enters in with others. Nila taunts that Arpita is ruining family’s dignity, then seeing Aryan tones down and alleges Sundar that a servant is trapping innocent Arpita. Aryan hugs Sundar and thanks him for saving his sister’s life. He chat emotionally with Arpita and gives her hand in Sundar’s hand. Imlie and Narmada feel happy seeing that. Arpita hugs Aryan and apologizes him for not informing him about her love for Sundar beforehand.

Narmada apologizes Arpita next for not understanding her. Aryan hugs Arpita and Narmada emotionally. Arpita asks her to join them. Aryan then tells Sundar that he wanted a person for Arpita who can love her immensely like him, he is sure that Sundar will love and protect Arpita well. Arpita requests Narmada to give her consent to marry Sundar. Narmada agrees. Nila yells at Narmada. Narmada ignores her and blesses Sundar.

Imlie congratulates Arpita and Sundar. She then thanks Aryan for supporting her in getting the truth out. Aryan thanks her back for getting the truth out. Nila tries to emotionally blackmail Narmada, but she doesn’t. Nila walks away frustrated pushing Imlie towards Aryan. Aryan and Imlie get lost in each other’s face.


Imlie 30th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aryan tells Imlie that he couldn’t become a good boss, friend, or husband to her.

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Telecast Date:29th April 2022
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