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Imlie 28th October 2022 Atharva asks Imlie if she is fine. Imlie asks why did he take Chini’s name. Atharva stands nervous. Chini shows her fake concern for Imlie and asks if its paining a lot. Imlie says she is fine and asks what happened to her feet. Chini says she slipped and fell when she heard Imlie being shot and ran towards her,

Arto saw that and took her name. Rudra stares at her and signals not to interfere between his son and DIL. Anu thinks if Rudra is supporting his son and DIL, she will support her Chi baby. Sundar jokes and says let us complete remaining rituals. After some time, Atharva drags Chini aside and asks why isn’t she in bridal wear and Imlie in bridal wear instead, he can’t see Imlie’s blind love for him and continue to lie Imlie.

Chini says let us reveal that they love each other in front of everyone and let Imlie humiliate her in front of everyone and let her snatch her mom’s share and her right. Atharva asks what does she mean. Chini says she will explain. Rudra tells Devika that Imlie reminds her of a pious devimaa.

Devika says he is right, Imlie took off her own nazar. Rupali says she will bring Imlie to mandap now. They walk away. Imlie tells Rupali that she will be back in a moment. Chini manipulates Atharva and lies to him that she already revealed Imlie that she loves Arto, but Imlie still wants to marry Arto.

She says Imlie proved that a person’s surname is everything, Imlie is a Rathore and is getting everything, but she is a Tripathi and losing everything. She says Imlie’s father and her mom were equal partners in Bhaskar Times, but soon Imlie took over everything after their deaths; now Imlie threatened to kick her out of house if she doesn’t let her marry Atharva and will tarnish her and her mother’s name.

Atharva says he doesn’t believe Imlie can do all this, Chini is making a mistake somewhere. Chini says she was doing a mistake earlier, Imlie showed her place and revealed that she values only money and can go to any extent for that; she is read to marry him in front of Imlie and lose everything, but she can’t tolerate Imlie tarnishing her dead mother’s image by printing a wrong article.

Atharva comforts her. Chini asks if he trusts Imlie more than her. Atharva says Imlie saved his life risking her own life. Anu interferes and lies that Imlie’s life was never in danger as Imlie hired the goons who shot her and asks him to see it himself. Imlie confronts MP for wrongly supporting his bodyguards and requests to correct them. MP apologizes her on his bodyguard’s behalf and requests her to calm down Rudra and not let him show his anger on him. Imlie agrees.

Imlie then gives a word of advice to bodyguards and gives them money for their treatment. They touch her feet and apologize her. She asks them to lead a dignified life from hereon. Atharva watches that and stands shocked.

Anu recalls taking bodyguards to Imlie and asking them to apologize her and request to quash police complaint on them. She manipulates Atharva more. Atharva tells Chini that he is on her side and loves her immensely. Chini asks how will he manage as Imlie wants to marry him at any cost. Atharva says Imlie’s wish doesn’t matter, whatever he thinks will happen.

Imlie asks Ginni didi if she saw Atharva. Ginni asks her to be casual and call her just Ginni and says Atharva went on that side. Arpita stops Imlie and asks if something is bothering her. Imlie says Atharva looked tensed, so she wants to know if he is fine. Arpita says he is tensed as goons had barged in.

Atharva walks to them. Arpita leaves. Imlie asks if he is fine. Artharva says he is fine because he is different. Imlie says Chini says that. Atharva says he thinks so, that is why he and Chini are same. Imlie says he revealed him everything and he knows her truth, she wants to know if he wants to marry her or not.

Atharva says he wants give his partner his family, his companionship, his wealth, and everything that belongs to him, that is why he will marry her. She extends her hand emotionally towards him. He walks away without holding it. Imlie thinks he said yes, but he has many questions in his eyes, she doesn’t have time to question him, but after marriage, she will know each question he is holding in his heart.

Imlie and Atharva’s wedding rituals start again. Panditji asks them to exchange garlands. Atharva picks garland and stands silent. His cousin asks him to go ahead.
Atharva thinks he will marry Imlie to get Chini’s right and lost respect. Chini holds his hand and puts garldand in Imlie’s neck.

Imlie puts garland in his neck next. Everyone clap for them. Chini thinks Imlie used to get best gifts since childhood and she used to give it to me, she was habituated to get second hand gifts from Imlie, but now she will snatch everything from Imlie. Panditji explains gatbandhan ritual and its significance. Chini performs gathbandhan and thinks she’s just interested in the wealth in Imlie’s fate and hence tying even her veil with Imlie’s veil.


Imlie 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie and Atharva’s marriage completes.Chini tells Anu that Atharva and Imlie’s marriage as per her wish, Atharva’s real relationship is only with her and soon she will get whole wealth.

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Telecast Date:28th October 2022
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