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Imlie 24th June 2022 Aryan tells Jyoti that he hates wrong people and wrongdoings, he will punish whoever does wrong with Imlie. Jyoti gets nervous. Kairi/Imlie hears their conversation and thinks how will she find out what is Jyoti’s next move. Gudiya walks to her and asks her to get a coconut water for her.

Kairi asks her to go to her room while she breaks the tender coconut and get the water for her. Gudiya leaves. Kairi thinks Gudiya gave her an idea, now she will make her next move very carefully.

Jyoti recalls Aryan’s words and thinks whenever she tries to mislead Aryan, he gets more intelligent; she should somehow stop him from meeting Aryan. She notices Kairi with coconut water and asks if she brought it for her. Kairi drinks water herself and starts her drama. Jyoti asks what happened.

Kairi says she came to help her friend Kairi, but is tired now after serving Imlie’s relatives continuously; she wishes to work for Jyoti and do whatever she orders. Jyoti thinks she can use her to kill Madhav and Imile and then blame it on Kairi. She asks her to bring coconut water for her and thinks she cannot trust Imlie’s friend easily.

Aryan reaches Madhav’s apartment building and is shocked to see fire accident there. Harry standing neverby recalls Jyoti ordering him to kill Madhav somehow. He calls police station and says he saw Aryan setting fire in the building to kill Madhav and returned again to confirm if Madhav is dead.

Inspector asks who is he. He says he is from a news channel. Aryan searches for Madhav. Police reaches there and arrests him for setting fire and trying to kill Madhav. Harry sends video of the fire in the building.

Kairi bring coconut water for Jyoti and says she can consider her as a friend and open up with her. She hides a voice recorder to record her confession. Jyoti offers her wife to celebrate their friendship.

Kairi gets tensed thinking she never had alcohol and cannot drink especially when she is pregnant. She says she drinks only local liquor. Jyoti says she will enjoy a lot if she stays with her and gives her wine glass. Imlie throws it in a plant pot silently and acts as finishing it.

Jyoti continues to serve her more wine thinking she will make her reveal her intention. Kairi says this liquor is very slowly intoxicating and serves her more wine. Jyoti reveals that Madhav is dead now and is about to reveal her whole plan when Harry comes and stops her and asks her not to befriend a servant.

Kairi asks him to join them. Harry asks her to go as he needs to speak something important to Jyoti. Imlie silently picks voice recorder and leaves acting intoxicated.

Imlie thinks she will not spare Jyoti as she is too cruel. Aryan’s lawyer calls her and informs that Aryan is arrested in charges of attempting to murder Madhav. Imlie asks him to manage the situation till she reaches polic station.

She determines to punish Jyoti for her heinous crimes. Jyoti dances celebrating her victory. Kairi reaches police station acting as a cleaning staff. Constable stop her. She says she is a new cleaning staff and enters Aryan’s cell.

She thinks he is sitting silently thinking instead of doing something, so she should do something. She stamps the mop on his foot to alert him. Aryan asks what is she doing here.

She says she does a parttime job here and asks why is he here. He asks her not to inform Imlie that he is here and informs her that he is arrested on charges of setting fire in Madhav’s apartment building in an attempt to kill him. She asks why did he go there. He hesitates at first but on her insistence says there is a confusion between him and Imlie and he went to meet Madhav to know the truth. Kairi/Imlie thinks even now he listens to her.


Imlie 25th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Harry finds that Kairi and Imlie are same and walks towards Imlie holding a cleaver.

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Telecast Date:24th June 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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