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Imlie 22nd October 2022 Chini tells Rupali that Imlie is her sister and not enemy, hence she went in search of Imlie at midnight. Rupali asks if Imlie is not at home, where is she now. Chini says she doesn’t know. Arpita with Meethi walks to them and asks Rupali if there is any issue. Rupali informs that Imlie has gone somewhere and shows concern.

Arpita calls Imlie and finds her number not reachable. Chini thinks she had to use Imlie to protect herself. Sundar smiles thinking Imlie went to meet her savior Atharva. Arpita asks why is he smiling instead of getting worried for Imlie. Narmada hears their conversation and says where did Imlie go at 2 a.m. in a bad weather.

Atharva while dropping Imlie in his car thinks he wants to drop her home as soon as possible as she trusts him and came to meet him at night, he is betraying her by not revealing truth because of Imlie, he doesn’t know what Chini has planned. Imlie hopes she can stop these moments. Atharva asks if he should stop his car at a petrol pump if she wants to use a washroom. Imlie nods yes.

He stops his car. Imlie hopes this moment freezes. Narmada tells Meethi that senior Imlie used to go out of house as Araav used to trust her immensely, junior Imlie is completely opposite to bold and brave senior Imlie and she fears who will marry Imlie if something goes wrong.

Chini senses an opportunity to defame Imlie. She calls Rudra and asks if Imlie came there. e asks why would Imlie come there. She acts as worried and says Imlie is missing. Rudra also gets concerned and informs Devika and Shivani. Shivani says she can understand if Chini goes out of house at midnight,

why would Imlie go out at this time. Keya hears that and prays god to send Imlie home safely as they can’t grab Atharva’s property share if Atharva doesn’t marry Imlie. Chini feels happy thinking Rudra will change his decision now. She turns and finds Meethi standing. Meethi asks if there is any concern, she is worried for Imlie. Chini assures that nothing will happen to Imlie.

Atharva informs Imlie that car’s petrol got over. He calls someone to bring petrol and learns he needs at least 1 hour. He notices rain starting and holding Imlie’s hand stands under a shelter. Imlie feels shy seeing him holding her hand. Atharva realizes that and leaves her hand. Her jewelry gets stuck in his T-shirt.

He removes it feeling anxious while Imlie enjoys his touch. A romantic song plays in the background. Imlie’s family gets more concerned seeing rain starting. Chini also hopes Imlie is safe. Imlie runs into rain and enjoys drenching in rain. Atharva tries to stop her. She splashes water on him.

He acts angry at first and then enjoys rain. He thanks her for letting him enjoy rain. She confesses her feelings for him and with closed eyes says I love you. He stands shocked. She extends her hands and repeated I love you Atharva ji.


Imlie 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie stops Chini from applying haldi to Atharva. Chini asks why did she stop her, she always says she has right on everything belonging to her. Imlie says Atharva is her would be life parnter and not a thing, she wouldn’t share him with anyone.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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