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Imlie 22nd July 2022 Aryan nurses his wounds recalling his fight with Imlie. He angrily tries to punch a mirror when Arpita and Sundar’s son Jaggu walks in and shows his helicopter. Aryan asks him to go and sleep.

Jaggu insists him to play with him. Aryan lies on bed. Jaggi flies helicopter which hits a box with Aryan and Imlie’s photo and it falls down. Aryan rushes to Jaggi concerned and asks if he is fine. He notices Imlie and his photos and recalling losing his baby due to Imlie’s carelessness shouts at servant to remove the photos from his room.

Arpita walks in and says she kept those photos there and asks servants to take Jagg from there. She then tells Aryan that his anger shows the truth that he loves Imlie. Aryan says he will show her howmuch he loves Imilie and burns pics. He says Imlie’s memories are not more than an ash to him.

Arpita sets off fire and says he set the fire and himself is burning, this proves he still loves Imlie and hence she will not lose a hope that he and Imlie will reunite. Aryan shouts at servants to clean the mess. Arpita orders Aryan to clean it himself and leaves. Aryan breaks down recalling Imlie’s words.

Neela over phone tells Malini that Imlie haunts them even after 5 years. Preeta says why Aryan don’t pay attention to her even after 5 years. Malini asks her to calm down herself. Preeta tells Neela that Malini herself wants to marry Aryan. Neela says Malini didn’t look at Aryan in 5 years and saved him instead by buy Bhaskar Times’ 50% shares when he was about to ruin the company.

Anu asks Malini why she wants to get Preeta married to Aryan. Malini says she can keep a tab on Rathore’s just like she is now after buying Bhaskar times 50% shares and will not let Imlie come near Aryan. Anu thinks Imlie will be forgotten as a past soon.

In Pagdandiya, Cheeni and Imlie wake up hearing villagers shouting and walk out. Villagers forcefully try to get marry an innocent girl Binni to a city boy. Imlie recalls her forceful marriage with Aditya. Cheeni asks her if Binni is getting married.

Imlie says panchayat is doing injustice in the name of justice, she suffered injustice 7 years ago and it may repeat with Cheeni, so she will have to stop it. Binni pleads villagers that she doesn’t know the boy and instead he followed her and locked her in a room whole night. Imlie asks Cheeni to climb a tree and record the whole video. She then walks to villagers and asks Sarpanch why don’t he trust his village’s daughter. City boy alleges that Binni instead was luring him and he gave up.

Imlie warns the boy to stop his lies and tongue lashes him. Boy yells at her and threatens to call goons from Delhi and get her punished. Imlie slaps him and tells Sarpanch that they shouldn’t get innocent Banni married to the arrogant goon and instead get him arrested. Villagers warn him to stay out of it and not ruin village’s rules. Imlie gives him a befitting reply and says Seeta maiya was Binni and protected her, so Binni is not lying.

Sarpanch gets impressed with her speech and takes city boy to police station. Villager warns Imlie that she is ruining their village rules. Cheeni asks Imlie if they won. Imlie says partly. Binni thanks Imlie for saving her from the pain Imlie went through years ago. Imlie asks her to study well and make her parents proud. Cheeni asks Imlie if she is going through pain. Imlie recalls leaving Adtiya and Aryan’s houses with an oath to never return there and determines to end the ritual of forceful marriage from Pagdandiya.


Imlie 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini determines to ruin Pagdandiya for snatching her husband and father from her. Imlie determines to protect Pagdandiya from evil eyes.

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Telecast Date:22nd July 2022
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