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Imlie 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 16th August 2022 Imlie and Aryan face each other in darkness and feel each other’s presence. Zindagi Ne Pehni Hai Muskan.. song plays in the background. They extend their hand towards each other.

She then covers herself with blanket and runs away. She reaches living room and notices Arpita and others standing there. She notices Narmada lighting temple lamp and going away. Lamp flickers.

She runs and protects lamp. Narmada returns. Imlie hides. Narmada thinks how can the lamp still light with a huge gush of air. Aye Dil Tu Laaya Hai Bahar.. song plays in the background. She notices Sundar and Arpita around. She thinks she came to an enemy house and hence should control her tears and leave after finishing her task.

Malini bumps on Aryan. Aryan asks why she looks tensed. She says she is no and asks why he looks tensed as if he is searching someone. He says he is fine and was going to check why light went off. Imlie searches for Cheeni everywhere. Cheeni wakes up in a store room calling Imlie and Aryan and realizes how she landed up here.

She tries to break open the door with a vase. Imlie reaches there and asks who locked her there. Cheeni says Malini. Imlie says she knew about it, they should go from here. Cheeni says she learnt that Imlie is married to Aryan and this is her house, she left him in anger, Narmada and Arpita miss her a lot, etc.

Imlie hides Cheeni under her blanket, lifts her, and tries to leave. Malini notices her and alerts everyone that a thief has barged in. Whole family gathers. Guards beat Imlie brutally. Arpita asks guards to stop beating the thief. Malini says thief may be possessing a deadly weapon.

Aryan enters and stops guards and warns them to dare not touch the thief again. He orders guards to get out and removes blanket from the thief. Everyone are shocked to see Imlie as a thief. Narmada emotionally hugs Imlie and cries. Neela and Preeta frown seeing Imlie. Aye Dil tu Lay hai Bhaar.. song plays in the background again. Narmada says she will not Imlie let her go again.

Arpita cries hugging Imlie and asks if she is hurt. Imlie asks how is she. Arpita says how will she be after handling Aryan. Sundar speaks to Imlie next and asks how is his chipkali. Arptia asks Cheeni if she is the one who gave herbal remedy for Narmada.

Cheeni says Imlie is not her mother but everything. Narmada says Cheeni is Imlie’s relative then. Arpita introduces Jaggu to Cheeni. Imlie emotionally hugs him. Narmada asks Cheeni to stay back. Imlie says no. Cheeni asks Imlie not to disobey naani/grandma and says they will go in. Aryan leaves for his room.

Imlie leaves with Narmada and others. Neela vents out her frustration and thinks how could she make a mistake in her calculation. Malini panics thinking how can Imlie return. Anu tries to comfort her.


Imlie 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Narmada pleads Imlie not to go. Malini accuses Imlie of returning in greed of wealth and says there is no place for greedy beggars in this house. Cheeni misbehaves with Malini. Imlie asks Cheeni not to misbehave with Malini as she is..

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Telecast Date:16th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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