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Imlie 14th October 2022 Chini refuses to marry Jatin. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Atharva who was about to leave stops hearing that. Anu smirks. At Rana house, Shivani tells Devika that she must be thinking that she is not supporting her with Atharva’s wedding, that’s because Atharva is going through the same situation which she went through years ago, Atharva doesn’t love Imlie and can’t be happy in a loveless marriage. Jatin’s parents asks Narmada what is happening.

Chini cannot marry Jatin as she doesn’t love him. Jatin’s mother says she can love Jatin after marriage. Chini tells Jatin he should understand that their marriage will not continue when she doesn’t love him at all. Jatin’s father says she should have said that before and not at the wedding mandap. He confronts Sundar for humiliating him and his family in front of the whole world.

Rupali alleges Chini that she wanted to humiliate them in front of the whole world by breaking alliance just before wedding. Chini says she already informed Rupali, but she didn’t listen to her and is so selfish not to bother about her happiness. Rupali raises her hand in anger.

Imlie stops Rupali and asks Chini if she really doesn’t want to marry Jatin. Chini says when she doesn’t have any feelings for Jatin, how can she be his partner; she knows Imlie agreed to marry Arto as she feels for him. She asks Atharva if he loves Imlie. Atharva stands speechless. Keya asks Akash to speak something.

Akash asks Sundar and Arpita if this the sankars they gave to their daughters, his family would face humiliation if Imlie refuses to marry Atharva at the mandap, he needs to inform about it to Rudra. Arpita requests him to calm down and asks Imlie to convince Chini for marriage.

Imlie says Chini will not marry as its good Chini realized her mistake before a bigger disaster, its difficult to lead a loveless life, etc. She tells Jatin’s parents its better to break an alliance before marriage than leading a forceful marriage.

Jatin’s parents criticize Narmada for her granddaughters’ wrong upbringing and say Imlie was acting silent till now and opened her mouth at the wrong time. Jatin requests his parents to stop and tells Chini that he had started loving her, but she did right by stopping the wedding at the right time and stopping their lives ruined in the future. He leaves with his parents.

Anu praises Chini for taking a right decision. Rupali confronts Chini and ays Jatin is the right match for her and she will not find a better match than Jatin. Chini says she doesn’t have to search as her soul mate will himself walk to her. Atharva walks to Chini while Akash tries to stop him and tries to hold Chini’s hand when Imlie takes Chini from there.

He feels proud of Chini for taking a stand for herself and Imlie for openly supporting her sister. Keya and Akash return home and inform Rudra that Chini called off her wedding, now its difficult to control Atharva. Rudra gets angry hearing that. Akash says he thinks Chini did it purposefully sensing Atharva’s love for her as Atharva was looking at her emotionally during her wedding. Rudra says Chini is oversmart than he thought and would misuse Atharva for his wealth.

Narmada angrily breaks things to vent out her frustration after bearing humiliation because of Chini. Anu enjoying juice says what is wrong if Chini took a stand for herself. Rupali asks if she brainwashed Chini and says she shifted to Aryan’s house to protect Chini from Anu’s wrong upbringing, but she failed today after sacrificing her whole life for Chini. Anu yells and verbally abuses Rupali.

Arpita warns Anu to stop abusing her family. Their argument ensues. Imlie requests them to stop for Chini’s sake as Chini is very upset. Anu stops. Arpita tells Imlie that its good that she took a stand for her sister, but she should now concentrate on her wedding and her in-laws forgetting all the worries about her maika.

Chini thtiinks what Arto wants. Arto throws a note in her room asking her to meet him tomorrow evening at a temple. Chini feels happy thinking Arto wants to marry her tomorrow itself. She signals thumbs up to Arto, and he feels happy.

Imlie carries food towards Chini’s room worried for her and gets happy seeing Atharva standing outside and thinking he came to meet her. She enters room and looks at Atharva via window and gets disheartened seeing him looking at Chini instead.


Imlie 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie keeps karva chauth vrat/fast for Atharva and is shocked see Atharva and Chini hugging each other. She questions that she was going to have a relationship of 7 lives, but it couldn’t survive for 7 days.

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Telecast Date:14th October 2022
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