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Imlie 13th January 2022 Aryan searches Imlie and holds her hand. She asks what is he doing. He shows masks and says they are dance partners. She says she doesn’t want to dance now. He says she has to. She says then she will go right now.

He holds her back and says even he is not interested to dance with her, but he will not let her worry for her ex-husband and will not let her spoil his party and hence she should shut up and wear the mask as everyone’s eyes are on dance floor.

He fixes mask on her face and dances with her with Shiddath Banaloon Tujhe.. song playing in the background. They both imagine dancing solo passionately. After dance, she frees herself and walks away leaving him teary eyed.

Imlie then calls Mithi and informs that Aditya is not responding after interview and she is worried for him. Meethi rushes towards Aditya’s place. A man walks to inebriated Aditya and exchanges his earphone. He runs away seeing Meethi coming. Meethi seeing Adi inebriated and murmuring Imlie’s name asks why he separated from Imlie when he loves her so much and helps her reach his guesthouse.

Anu sees Malini tensed and asks her to relax as Adi is in Pagdandiya/PGD and servant Imlie is here. Malini says Imlie surely must be trying to contact Adi and may visit PGD if he doesn’t respond, then nobody can stop them from reuniting. She calls Aditya and gets disheartened when he doesn’t pick call. Anu promises her that servant Imlie will not talk to Aditya.

Imlie tries to call Adi when Aryan pulls her mobile. She turns and sprains her neck and yells at him as usual. He asks if its paining, he will call a doctor. She says they twist their neck twice to relieve sprain and insists him to do it.

He agrees but feels nervous fearing she will get hurt. She says he always gives her a good advice and can never hurt her, so he should hold her neck and twist it twice. He does. She falls down. He gets worried and thinks if he should have said Jai Seeta Maiya. She laughs and says she was joking.

He sees her getting a call from PGD and says she is doing a mistake again. She says she has seen Aditya filling sindhoor in Malini’s hairline and tolerated it, she needs time to get out of it. He says she shouldn’t expect much from a 35-year-old man who is doing journalism since more than 10 years. Imlie says she knows PGD well and can help him out.

Anu to divert Imlie’s attention sets fire into a carpet. Arpita panics seeing fire. Narmada calls Aryan. Imlie asks Narmada to not help her and let her get out of her fear. Aryan rushes towards Arpita next. Imlie stops him and pins him down. Aryan pushes her away. She holds him tight and says fire is not that high and he should let Arpita fight her fear. Aryan says he doesn’t have time to experiment.

She hits him with a vase, pins him to wall, and requests him to trust her once. She asks Arpita to move aside. Aryan runs towards Arpita again. Imlie holds him with a stick. Aryan warns her to stop her nonsense as he will not stop and will break her stick. She says he can try. He breaks stick. She punches him in his back and pins him to ground and says says he will not cross her drawn line today.


Imlie 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie fights with Aryan to stop him from reaching Arpita.

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Telecast Date:13th January 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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