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Harphool Mohini 5th August 2022 Mohini says her BP is very low. She goes out and asks Harphoul to call the ambulance. Ragni says if Mohini touches that child we won’t let him live here. Divyani says break this gate. They try to break the gate. Harphoul’s friend comes. Mohini gives Sushila medicine.

Harphoul tells Mohini ambulance will take 15 more minutes. Mohini says we can’t wait that long. Harphoul says we can’t lose Sushila and that child. Balwant says to Banwari that the child has to die. That ambulance shouldn’t get to the village. And Mohini will be blamed for it. Shardha listens. Mohini checks Sushila’s blood. She says I can donate blood to her. Mohini gives her blood to her.

Shardha says I have to help Mohini and save two lives. People try to break the door. Harphoul screams if anyone comes forward I will break Divyani’s legs. Divyani says you are threatening me? Shardha calls Mai and tells her Balwant isn’t letting the ambulance come in. Mai calls Harphoul. Ragni says the move from my way.

Harphouls’ friend tells him about the ambulance. Harphoul says my blood is impure right? He makes a line with his blood outside the door and says no one can cross it right? My blood is impure. You will all get impure too. He asks his friends to make a video if anyone touches his impure blood.

Harphoul goes to check the ambulance. Mohini asks Sushila to take deep breaths. She says I hope an ambulance comes soon. Harphoul sees Balwant’s men digging the roads. Balwant asks his men to dig all the roads. Harphoul calls the driver and tells him the alternate route. Harphoul sees they have closed the other route too.

Ragni and the other women try to wash the door. Divyani says now she can’t treat Sushila and her child. They try to break the door. Mohini is scared. She says I can’t hear the heartbeat. Sushila screams in pain. Harphoul brings the ambulance. Sushila closes her eyes. Mohini cries. She screams.

Harphoul says Mohini.. The ambulance is here. Mohini comes out with the child. Menu comes out too. Mohini is silent. Harphoul asks what happened? Ragni says the child isn’t crying. Harphoul says Sushila?

Scene 2
Balwant hits his men. He says because of you all he took the ambulance. How did he find out that I blocked the roads? A woman says the child isn’t alive. It’s okay it was a girl. Shardha’s phone falls. Balwant looks at it.

He kicks it. Balwant says now they will save Sushila and her child. The old woman says it’s okay if she died. It was a woman. Ragni says this Madrasan made her impure too. And Sushila couldn’t give birth to a child in 7 years and now to a girl.

She must be a sinner. Mohini says have some shame. You are a woman yourself. Mohini says these people can never appreciate women. Thank God you’re not alive to take care of your mom. You could make your dad proud but these people won’t let you do it. Mohini cries. Mohini says who are you all to decide a girl’s worth and life?

The women taunt her and say you have made this house impure. We have to wash it. Ragni says we have to get this house cleaned. This girl is a dead burden too. Mohini says no one will touch this child. She says to Ragni this is your third and final mistake and one I can’t forgive.

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Telecast Date:5th August 2022
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