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Harphool Mohini 30th August 2022 Mohini asks Mai if she can stitch her button she doesn’t know how to do it. Mai says my hands have flour. Harphoul says you’re a nurse, you can stitch people and not a button? She says I will stitch your mouth.

She says if you’re smart you do it. He says I know everything. Mai says to do it then. Harphoul says it’s a girl’s thing. Mai says there’s no task for any gender. Do it. Harphuol stitches her button. Mohini smiles.

Balwant rolls on the ground. People gather around. Rajinder says please eat. He says my enemies gave people wrong medicine and my people are against me now. I will throw these people out. I will make out own clinic. I want to say sorry to all of you. Shardha cries in her room. She says I haven’t seen my own child ever.

She cried. She says I hope my child is happy wherever he is. She begged Balwant to stop. He took away her child. She asked him to let him see the child. He said I won’t let any stain come to this family. His men stopped Shardha from going. Rajinder tells he told me about her.

Scene 2
Ganga says that the man has locked his wife in the room. Harphoul says yes, what kind of husband is he? Gangaa says you always taunt her food as well. You keep her scared all the time. She is always worried if you would like the food.

Mohini says how do we save Shardha? Kaki says I can’t do it. How can I even go in? Mohini says Balwant is saying he should be judged by the competition. It should be a woman and someone senior.

Like you, Mai or Shardha. Ganga says you are very smart. We will demand him to make Shardha judge instead of himself that way we can get her out. Ganga calls Balwant and says only women will judge the competition. I have decided, myself, that Shardha and Phoolmati will judge it.

HE says what? She says that’s my order. Send her I have to discuss something with her. He says but.. She says do it before I don’t even let you enter the village. Balwant thinks she won’t’ let him get the ticket if he doesn’t agree.

Shardha cries in the room. Balwant sits next to her and says my heart hurts when I hurt you. See what I got you. I have made you judge the competition. He says Divyani will do your makeup. She says I won’t’ go. Mai says you’re smart Mohini You had such a good idea. Harphoul says I also went with her.

Balwant says I can punish someone else too if you don’t listen. He takes out the child’s things. Mai cries. He says I will take you to Manohar if you agree. She agrees. He says you have to keep your mouth shut. I can kill Manohar in a second. Shardha cries. She says enough. I have to tell Phoolmati all the truth this time. I will let all the secrets out.

Scene 3
Shalini is on call. She’s about to step on an axe. Mohini runs to her. She puts her hand on the axe and saves her food. Shalini screams. Harphoul says show me. Her hand is bleeding. Harphoul says you always create problems Shalini.

Shalini says I didn’t see it. Harphoul tries to stop her bleeding. Shalini says why did you put your hand under my foot? It’s competition day. Mohini says go there today. I will come later. Shalini feels bad. She says I can’t leave you like this. Mohini cries and says sorry to Harphoul that she can’t win.

Mohini says will you help me with something? Shalini brings her first. She says I am sorry Mohini. Mohini says you go, one of us has to win. We’re family. She asks Santok to take her. Shalini says you should come there too after dressing. Do your best. Harphoul dresses her wound. He says we will go there and take part.


Harphool Mohini 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Balvant sees Harphoul with Mohini and says these two are cheating in the competition. Phulvati says Harphoul helped Mohini and so she has to step down.

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Telecast Date:30th August 2022
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