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Harphool Mohini 28th October 2022 Mohini looks around. She says no one is here but where did these marks come from? Balwant asks Banwari how many enemies do you have?? He says only my dad.

Balwant says when a woman is your enemy it makes you very happy. Banwari says what if black powers come back, Tantrik is dead. Balwant says no one can harm me. Mohini sees the Shivling moving. She’s scared. Banwari says what if Mohini finds out what you did with the girls in the room?

Mohini opens a door. She falls down. Mohini is scared. She sees many jars there. Mohini sees many fetuses. She hears kids crying. Mohini is shocked. She falls down. Mohini tries to go out. She is scared. Mohini says all this? Mohini says who is it? Come in front of me. A jar falls. Mohini finds abortion equipment there.

Mohini says what used to happen in this room? What is God hinting at to me? The Shivling sparkles. Balwant says Mohini won’t live this time. No one can save her. An inspector gets light from Mata Rani’s picture. He comes to the police station. He takes the keys and puts a gun on Harphoul. Harpole says what are you doing inspector? Mohini’s life is in danger. I’ve to save her.

The inspector says go and save your wife. She’s at Balwant’s house. He gives harphoul the car keys. Mohini looks around. Harphoul asks the constable how did Harphoul run? Banwari says what if black powers did this? Balwant slaps him and says don’t let Harphoul come in.

Scene 2
Vijayan’s condition gets worse. They give him CPR. Vijayan asks where is Mohini? Shyamala says they can’t find him. Vijayan says Mohini’s life is in danger. Save her. Mohini faints in the room. Mohini opens her eyes. Harphoul is on his way. Mai calls Harphoul. Mai says please bring Mohini back. Harphoul says I will trust me. Balwant’s men start shooting Harphoul’s car.

Mohini sees a watermelon in front of her. She eats it. Harphoul fights with Balwant’s men outside. Balwant points a gun at him. Harphoul takes his gun and hits him. Harphoul says tell me where is Mohini?

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Telecast Date:28th October 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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