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Harphool Mohini 28th July 2022 Harphoul says if a girl can’t cook what’s the point of her education? Mohini says is that your thought? Do you think you married me as a maid? He says now you will challenge that too? Mohini says food is ready. Harphoul says I don’t wanna eat. Mai says I will see how you don’t eat.

Shalini says to serve it. Balwant says to Divyani don’t cry. He wipes her face and her kajal spreads on her face. He says okay I will eat maal pura from your hands, don’t cry. Shardha leaves his tea there in agner. He throws a napkin at her and says there should be no stain on my kurta.

Mohini brings the kheer. Mohini gives it to harphoul. She gives it to Santoh too. Santoh eats the kheer. Shalini says now Harphoul has to eat it too.

Harphoul eats it. Santoh says Mai this kheer is so good. Well done Mohini. Shalini is shocked, her bowl is salted. Mohini says you can eat this Mai because it’s brown sugar that I added. Mohini keeps making Shalini eat. Santoh gives Mohini naig (money). Mohini tries his bowl and it’s sweet. She’s shocked. Mohini recalls she saw the salt and then she saw Shalini.

Scene 2
Balwant says that Mohini has become a curse for me. He asks Divyani to take the evil eye off him. Divyani asks Shradha to see the kitchen. Shardha says to the maid to remove things from the wrong place. Balwant comes and says you are right. Things in the wrong places should be removed.

Shalini says she gave me that salted kheer. Mohini gives her kheer. She says everyone knows the difference between salt and sugar. Shalini says what are you saying? Mohini says did you replace the sugar with salt? Balwant asks Banwari to bring Sarpanj and all elders to his place. Shalini says don’t blame it on me.

Balwant calls her. Mohini sees she gets awkward on Mausa ji’s call. Mohini asks Mai if Shalini doesn’t like her? Mai says she is insecure. Shalini says she will see what I do now. Balwant says to Banwari I will have so much fun in ruining Mohini’s life and she will got back to her Kerala. Then I will get Harphoul’s land.

Scene e3
Manav tells Mohini our video has so many views. Mohini says Balwant must be so mad, we defeated him. Manav tells how Balwant wants Harphoul’s land. His dad made half of barren land fertile. Harphoul is working on the rest.

Harphoul made his will if anything happens to him his friends will get the land so Balwant can’t get it. Mohini says that’s very smart. Manav says Balwant found out in a day. Mohini asks how? Mohini asks is Shalini related to Balwant?

Manav says don’t you know? Shalini comes there. Shalini says to Harphoul no one appreciates us in this house. Mohini and your friend Manav were talking. They are educated. I couldn’t understand their language. You’re the same. Harphoul gets angry. Mohini says where is Manu?

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Telecast Date:28th July 2022
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