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Harphool Mohini 24th October 2022 Harphoul says I thought I don’t deserve Mohini. We are not a match so I left her at the station. Mohini sits down and cries. Balwant laughs. Mai slaps harphoul. She says you lied to me?

Santok kept asking you and lied. She hits him. Santok says are you crazy? Is this our mom’s upbringing? Vijayan slaps Harphoul. He says how dare you. Who are you to break this marriage? Shayamala says I told you Mohini was hiding her pain.

She was hiding her tears. She lied to us. Mai says let me. Shayamla says you all supported the person who did this to my daughter? Mai says we didn’t even know. Shayamla says what kind of mother are you that you didn’t know your son’s reality? Mai says please forgive me.

Harphoul says please forgive me Mohini. Mohini says what you’ve done, there can be no pardon for it. I was silent for many days. Vijayan says I made a mistake by marrying my daughter in this village. Your mentality can’t change. I thought Mai and Harphoul were different. But no, Harphoul is like them.

They can never respect a woman. Vijayan picks Mohini. He says you have the key to our home. That’s your home. We are all with you. You don’t need to suffer. I break all our relationship with this man. I can’t be deserving of any respect if I don’t take you from here today. He breaks her mangalsutra. He gives it to Harphoul. Harphoul cries. Vijayan takes Mohini from there. Harphoul cries.

Scene 2
Mohini is on her way with her parents. They console her. Harphoul says I didn’t deserve you. Balwant says poor Mohini. She left, but I am scared for her. There have been many accidents. Hope she reaches the station.

Harphoul rushes after them. A truck hits their car. Harphoul rushes to them. He takes out Savi and Mohini’s sisters. Haprhoul’s friends come there too. They take out Mohini’s parents. They call an ambulance. Mohini isn’t there. Harphoul says where is Mohini? Harphoul screams Mohini. Harphoul sees feet stamped with blood on the road. He follows them.

Harphoul asks people if they’ve seen Mohini. No one has seen them. Harphoul calls the inspector. Mai comes to Mohini’s family. Shayamla says you guys have done this. Mai says I can’t even imagine. They give first aid to the girls. Vijayan’s condition is getting worse. Santok says his condition isn’t good. Mai prays for Mohini. Sukha says Harphoul is looking for her.

Harphoul tells inspector Mohini isn’t there. They met an accident here. He shows her the feet marks. Inspector asks the Dhaba owner if he saw someone. He says I didn’t. Inspector sees a CCTV camera.

Scene 3
Balwant has Mohini with him. She’s fainted. He stabs her and says you will die today.

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
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