Harphool Mohini 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update


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Harphool Mohini 20th October 2022 Police comes to the village. Balwant is shocked. He says it’s my phone. Bhai Ji video calls him. He says I’ve sent media, you have to do kanya poojan in front of them with everyone. PR is very important for a ticket holder.

Media will see a new Nakhroli today. You’ve to do this and wash their feet. Mohini called Bhai ji and told him about the pooja and to send media. Bhai Ji says do it well. Mohini smirks. Balwant is angry. Mohini says come on. We are running out of time. Balwant has to wash the girl’s feet. He’s angry, he recalls everything Mohini said. Media is recording him.

Mohini says you proved that girls have devi in them. Take their blessings too so it might wash some of your sins Bhai Ji says you have to serve the people of your village. Mohini says a girl will defeat you. A girl who might have gotten birth on this village against you. Your days are numbered. Balwant leaves in anger.

Scene 2
Balwant comes home in anger. He says I will throttle you from the same hands you made me wash those girl’s feet from. He takes out a sword.Divyani goes near her room. She feels like someone is following her. Lights spark, she hears someone screaming behind the door. Divyani is scared. She sees feet behind the door.

Divyani tries to open the look. She peeks it. Banwari comes there. He says what are you doing near the door? She says who’s behind the door? He says don’t come near the door. No matter what you hear. She says I asked Balwant once. Banwari says did you forget what used to happen in the clinic?

He says women who had a girl child, their child was aborted by forced. He says it has been happening since years. When clinic wasn’t there, it used to happen here. Many women had their kids aborted here. People hear noises behind this door. Then Balwant’s dad died in the same room. A Baba asked him to shut this door and locked it with this chain and threads. It never opened again. Divyani is scared. Banwari says never go near this door again. He says prepare for what’s gonna happen to Mohini.

Scene 3
Mohini does rest of the arti. Harphoul shoots the Ravan. Balwant stands in front of it. He says you have a Ravan in your own heart. Mai says get lost from here. He says your son does disgusting things and you speak against me? How will this man feel when he finds out his daughter Mohini is just a toy for him.

Vijayan says what do you mean? He says ask your son-in-law. What did he do when you came here? He broke up with your daughter, gave her a Kerala ticket and left her alone on the station. Balwant says he gets bored of things easily. He used to throw his toys the same way. Mai says shut up Balwant.

Mohii and Harphoul’s couple is made in heaven. Balwant gives his sword to Vijayan says if I am lying you can cut my throat. Vijayan asks Harphoul is he right? Vijayan says I told you I am like your father. Tell me if he’s right. Harphoul says he’s right. Everyone is shocked.


Harphool Mohini 21st October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mohini’s car meets an accident. Harphoul and his friends find everyone but Mohini. Balwant digs Mohini’s grave and prepares to bury her.

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Telecast Date:20th October 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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