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Harphool Mohini 20th July 2022 Mohini says this is a central police station. Balwant has no control here. If we complain here they will pressurize the district police too. Mai says I hope you don’t get in trouble.

Mohini says we have to be together to fight with him. We have to stand for justice. Mohini goes inside. Banwari is keeping an eye on her. Mohini says to the constable I want to meet the SHO. Mohini goes inside.

Haprhoul says we still have time let’s go. He asks what happened? Mohini says we are here to file a complaint. HE says we can’t write it today. Mohini says I will go to SP then. You are a public servant.

The SHO asks who do you wanna file a complaint against? Mohini says, Balwant Chaudhary. He tried to kill me. The SHO coughs. He says, Balwant Chaudhary? Didn’t you even think before coming? He says you men are letting your wife talk and standing behind her? You look wise Harphoul.

Go here, this report can’t be filed. The SHO recalls taking money from Balwant. Haprhoul says let’s go. Mohini says I will wait for the SP then. I will not leave until it’s done. He says SP will come after two days.

Harphoul says are you happy now? Mohini says how can you so easily give up? He says no one will write a report against him. Mohini says if you couldn’t support me Haprhoul why did you marry me?

She hears SP is coming. Mohini cries and says I know local police don’t help people that’s why we came here so SP can help us. The SP says to the constable this uniform is your pride. Mohini says I have heard SP sir does justice. He will file our report. She speaks loudly so he hears.

The SP asks them to come inside. Mohini says to the SP sorry but we had to be loud to make ourselves heard. The SHO says I told her they need an appointment. THey’re not educated. Mohini speaks English and says I am educated and we have been subject to great injustice. I have no interest in wasting your time. If SHO heard us we won’t have to come to you. SHO says come to my cabin in 5 minutes. SHO asks Mohini what happened?

Scene 2
SHO comes to Balwant and tells him everything. He gets his car ready. SP says it could be aerial firing too? Mohini says how did it touch Harphoul’s arm then? What’s the proof that this is from Balwant’s gun?

He says we can investigate before filing a report. SP calls SHO and says is the local station in your control? Tell Balwant to stay away from their family we will keep an on him otherwise we can file a complaint and he can go to jail for 2 years.

Mohini says see my dad asked me to never give up. He asks where are you from? She says Kerala. He says me too. They speak in their language. Mohini says to SHO there is no hospital or clinic in our village. He says I will make that complaint heard too.

Balwant says it will be fun fighting with this Mohini. Balwant laughs and says I want for you Mohini.

Scene 3
Santoh says Mohini is so smart. Harphoul’s friend says she speaks such good English. Mai says none of us thought of that idea. Haprhoul says she will get us in trouble. Mai says she did the right thing. Harphoul says she keeps making problems. She found someone from her village. His friend says are you jealous?

Mohini says I made sweets for everyone. She makes everyone eat. Mai makes her eat. Mohini gives it to Haprhoul. He says I am not hungry. Mohini says take one. Mohini gets a call from her dad. She goes inside.

Harphouls steals a sweet. Mohini sees him. Mohini says to her dad you and mom taught me to fight with every problem. My family is here with me. Mohini sees Harphoul eating the sweet. She smiles. Harphoul looks at her. Mohini recalls her moments with Haprhoul.


Harphool Mohini 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mohini is fixing a handle. Harphoul says to her, you think you will convince Mia with this. Mohini says I am doing this so that Amma will be comfortable whenever she decides to use the washroom.Harphoul faces backlash from villagers for building washroom and they reach out Balvant to teach Mohini a lesson.

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Telecast Date:20th July 2022
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