Harphool Mohini 19th October 2022 Written Episode Update


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Harphool Mohini 19th October 2022 Harphoul locks the door. He says why did you mess with Balwant before leaving? Why don’t you understand? She says you can’t control your anger right? Don’t talk to me. He says don’t do this pooja.

You know how low can he stoop. Mohini says what right are you stopping me with? I am doing this for every woman. It’s my duty as a woman. He says you’re my responsibility. Mohini says I am not. Every woman can take care of herself. I will do what I feel is right. Harphoul says okay then, so will I. Mohini leaves.

Balwant says that Mohini has invited her to death. I write fate on women here. No one can change it. I won’t let women live on the land of this village. He looks at the door. A woman screams inside. Light comes inside the room on a shivling. It glitters. Balwant says women are born as a curse to women. Hence I didn’t let any woman be born in this village. When my own brother Harveer couldn’t stop me. How will this Mohini stop me? Mohini says I will do the pooja at all costs.

Scene 2
Banwari tells Balwant Mohini is out looking for girls. Balwant says asking Bali to follow her. She shouldn’t be back in the village. Mohini leaves, and Mai gives her blessings. Shalini gets a call from Balwant. He says you still didn’t find the drive. Shalini was looking. Santok asked what happened? she said I lost my earring. Shalini says Santok has started doubting me. He says to find it before I will your truth to your family.

Savi has a pen drive. She took it off Laxmi. She keeps it on the table. Mali sees the pen drive later. She says this might be of my projects. She puts it in her bag. Savi asks Vijayan to get her ready. Mohini meets sarpanj of a village. He says I can’t send women of my village to Nakhroli. Balwant can harm them.

Mohini meets a lady sarpanj as well. She says if we don’t defeat him he will silence all the women forever. The woman asks where is your husband? If she’s not supporting you then who will? Mohini says women don’t need men. We are enough ourselves. Sarpanj asks the girls to go with Mohini. Mohini is happy. She hugs them. Mohini says let’s go.

A woman comes and says Balwant could kill our daughter so we left Nakhroli and came here. She will sit in kanjak today in Nakhroli. Mohini says yes, she’s God’s blessing. Let’s go. Mohini is on her way. Baali follows them in a truck. Harphoul follows Bali on his bike. Bali is about to hit the car. Harphoul comes in front of the truck. The truck hits his bike. Mohini doesn’t notice.

Mohini comes to the village. Everyone claps and welcomes the girls. Mai says I am so proud. Savi says let’s go start the pooja. Mai says I got her ready. Mai says thank you amma. Mai asks where is Harphoul? Mohini says I don’t know. Balwant comes there. He says break everything. Mohini stands in front of it. Mohini says you didn’t bring any gifts for these girls. He says you can’t complete this pooja. His men try to break things. Mohini says wait. Police come there.


Harphool Mohini 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Balwant says I will kill you from the same hands you made me wash those girl’s feet from. Mohini is on her way with her parents. Their car meets an accident.

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Telecast Date:19th October 2022
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