Harphool Mohini 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Harphool Mohini 19th July 2022 Mai says we had no proof against Balwant. Police called it an accident. I couldn’t even cry so my sons don’t know. My revenge is like a hope of a candle.

The person who can protect his dad’s land is Harphoul but I don’t want him to get into this. I am scared for him. If he finds out the truth, he will kill Harphoul. I can’t lose my sons. She tells Balwant tried to kill Santoh too.

He made him handicapped. Balwant tried killing you too now. She shows her husband’s pillow to her. She says this is the only pillow I can cry on. I will take revenge for the injustice done to me. Mohini says you didn’t even share your pain with even your son? I am so proud you’re my MIL and he’s my FIL.

Mai says talking to you made me feel a lot better. Mohini says today I feel this family is my family. Mohini says no matter powerful an enemy justice speaks for itself. Mohini hugs Mai and says I am with you.

Mai says you have to be very careful. Mohini says Harphoul will question but I won’t tell him. I will take revenge on this Balwant. Mohini says I am sorry for being mad at you. Mai says you are my daughter.

Haprhoul says Mai opens the door. Haprhoul opens the door. Harphoul says she made you cry? Mai says no. Mohini says I am sorry. Mohini comes out. SHe says sorry to Santoh. He says don’t say that. It’s okay. Mohini says to Harphoul I said sorry. He says say it in Hindi. Mohini falls. Harphoul holds her. He says say it loud. Mohini says I am sorry. Mai says forgive her now. Harphoul leaves with his friends.

Scene 2
Balwant gives money to the policemen. He says I rule this village. He says I want to make a highway here so Bhai Ji doesn’t have a problem but my idiot niece doesn’t let it happen.
Mohini tells Mai how to make coffee.

Mai says to Shalini I am having coffee. Shalini says it can make your stomach upset. Harphoul’s wound hurts. Mai says let me get tumeric. Mohini says we need to change the dressing. She dresses his wound.

Balwant says I will get this land made on Harphoul’s land and save 8 crores. I will tell people how I did it to serve them. Once this highway is made we will go to Dehli and I will get the ticket for elections.

Mohini says I can fight Balwant. Haprhoul says you will fight with him with this sparrow-like body? Mohini says why do you underestimate me? I know he’s powerful but we’re not weak either. He says do you even know how he is? we have no money. He has power and money. We can’t do anything.

Mohini says we can defeat him together. Harphoul says what will you do? Mohini says I have an idea. He says what? Mohini tells everyone the plan. She teaches them how to make planks from the ropes. Mohini says we can all work like this together. If we all try we can defeat Balwant together. We are strong together. Mai says welldone. Mohini says I have an idea.


Harphool Mohini 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mohini goes to the central police station and says Balwant has no power here. She files a complaint against him.

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Telecast Date:19th July 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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