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Harphool Mohini 18th October 2022 Savi asks Harphoul will you come to Mali’s wedding? He says yes. Harphoul sees Shyamala. He says I know amma you’re mad at me, please forgive me. She says instead of apologizing you should rectify your mistake.

Harphoul looks at Mohini. Mohini says don’t worry. Don’t say these things, I am going back today with my family. Harphoul is teary. He sees the date and marks the third day. Harphoul says I don’t want you to leave but this is good for you.

Balwant asks Shalini to take off the USB for him. She says how will it come there? HE says do you remember what happened before your wedding? I will tell everyone. She tries to find it. She says it’s not there. Balwant says I want it at any cost. Balwant says I will tell them they can never fight with me.

My dad used to tell me to keep women in her place. Shardha says you will know a woman’s place when you die off a woman’s hand. Balwant laughs and says you’ve lost your mind. A woman can’t even touch me. She says a woman will finish you.

Scene 2
Mohini comes out with her bags. Shyamala and Vijayan ask Harphoul what’s the truth? We thought you would tell us. Mohini says I.. Situation.. They laugh. Mai says they are upset because they can’t live without each otherr.

I requested your parents to let you stay here till deshehra. Shyamala says it will be fun for Mohini too and it’s just two days. Mohini says I wonder when will God send another small girl like Mohini into this house. Shardha says God will send a Devi to kill you. Balwant leaves in anger. He sees a door locked with big old chains.

Shalini says my head hurts a lot. Mai says massage your head. Santok says you were fine till morning? She says I need some rest. Mohini says I will stay with her. Mai says it’s okay. She will rest. They go out. Shalini locks the door. Santok says something is wrong for sure. He connects all the dots. He says Shalini is hiding something.

Scene 3
Mohini and harphoul come to market. She asks menu what are you doing here? She says for Kanjak pooja I am getting these things. Savi asks what is it? Mai says there aren’t enough girls in our village for this pooja. Savi says I am there. We should do kanjak pooja. Balwant comes there. He says you all know about Navratri right? He says to Savi you know Kanjak pooja? It won’t happen in this village.

Women’s birth is considered a curse here, no one prays for a girl. Mohini says people will change. From where I come, a girl’s birth is considered a blessing. Balwant says to SAvi if you and your sisters were born here you would be sent back right after. Mohini asks Savi to not listen to her. She says will we do Kanjak pooja?

Balwant says no there is no girl here. We sent all girls back to their place. This village belongs to men. Women have one fate here, he squishes a flower. Mohini says the land you squished it on will write its own history. You’re not God to write fate. We will do pooja here, even if we have to bring girls from another village.

You will see how a girl is devi’s face. We will do pooja tomorrow and distribute the prasasd. Mohini says see how I make you bow to the same girls and wash their feet tomorrow. Mohini says we will start it at 11 tomorrow.

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Telecast Date:18th October 2022
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