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Harphool Mohini 17th October 2022 Mohini is crying in her room. He says sorry I didn’t want to hurt you or your parents. She says you don’t need to change yourself for me and my family. You’re nothing to me. I’ve accepted it. But for your own health control your anger if you want to. Mohini speaks to the lawyer.

Vijayan asks Shyamala to calm down. He says I made coffee for you. Mai comes and says Harphoul was in my womb when his dad died. Santok is calm but Haprhoul used to get angry. I used to control it and calm him down but I thought his wife can handle it. But now I realize it’s his own responsibility,

not his wife’s or mom’s. Please forgive me for this. Shyamala says don’t say that. Mohini says our family doesn’t know we aren’t togethe.r When they find out they will be so hurt. but last time, we have to act. At least they’d be happy. Vijayan asks Harphoul something. Haprhoul laughs and says really? He says yes it can happen. Haprhoul takes him outside.

Scene 2
Harphoul drinks with Vijayan. He says it was fun. I thought I would enjoy myself with the boys today. He says Harphoul when you get angry think twice before you say anything. Sometimes you say things in anger that other persons forgive but can’t forget. Harphoul drinks more. Harphoul says you know I always want to keep Mohini happy and protected. Vijayan says she needs support, not protection.

She can protect herself. Harphoul says I wanna tell you something. Vijayan says yes? Harphoul says I always thought forgiveness makes you small. But Mohini made me realize apologizing makes you a bigger person. Please forgive me. I made a mistake. Vijayan says I know how much you love Mohini. Harphoul recalls what he said to Mohini. Harphoul says I can’t see her sad. I left her at the station and broke up with her because I don’t deserve her. She deserves better.

Mohini’s frame breaks. Mai says the frame broke, not the relationship. He will never be mad at you. I will slap him. You’re both blessed by God. Vijayan asks Harphoul what happened. I went to the washroom. They drink more. They dance.

Santok repeats the video of Mohini and Harphoul’s fight. He notices that Shalini isn’t in it and everyone else is. He recalls how Shalini used to get scared every time he would touch her phone. Harphoul says to Vijayan you made me so happy when you answered that Balwant back. They hug.

Scene 3
Balwant hits his wife and locks her in the store room. He says I know you told DSP about the clinic papers. This room will remind you of the worth. Banwari says was this the cow? He says yes. Banwari says this is Harphoul’s cow. Balwant says what? My days aren’t going well. He says what’s that noise? He goes out.

Vijayan and Harphoul are outside his house. They pee. They make fun on Balwant. Balwant is angry. Before Balwant comes out, they leave. Harphoul says your bad days are starting. Balwant says I have to find that drive again. I will tell Mohini’s family how Harphoul left her.

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Telecast Date:17th October 2022
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