Harphool Mohini 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Harphool Mohini 16th August 2022 Harphoul looks at Mohini getting ready. Mohini notices him. Harphoul says Mai is waiting for you hurry up. Mohini says I want scissors. Harphoul says I am not bringing it. Mohini says I am already hungry.

He says who asked you to fast? Mohini says I am fasting for you. He says do you want to cut this thread? Mohii says yes. Harphoul cuts it for her.

Meenu gives Mohini a paper and says I’ve signed it but other women aren’t ready. Harphoul says you will need my help to get it signed. Mai and Harphoul leave. Harphoul asks is it necessary to go there. Mai says yes we go there every year. Mai says this village is our home. Mohini and her family reach the pooja place.

Mohini plays with a child. Ragni says I told you to stay away from the kids of the village. Balwant and his family also come there. Harphoul looks at Mohini dancing with Meenu. The song kesariya plays. Shardha meets Mai and says I thought you wouldn’t come. Mai says I’ve seen worst times. This is nothing.

Some women tell Mohini that they asked their husbands to build a toilet for them and they’ve agreed. Mohini says it would be amazing if everyone agrees to have a dispensary in the village as well.

Meenu says I don’t know why people are not signing on the petition. Mohini says I will get signatures. She asks people to sign the paper to open a dispensary in the village. Balwant looks at Mohini and wonders what is she trying to do.

Balwant asks Shalini what is Mohini up to? Shalini says Mohini is planning to open a dispensary in the village. He is shocked. Divyani says we need to stop him. He says go and insult her. He says I can’t let Mohini succeed in this. His secrets would come out.

Shalini asks Mohini to play with her. Mohini says my head hurts. Mai asks Shalini to stop it. Shalini leaves Mohini’s hand. Mohini falls but Harphoul holds her. Mai smiles. Harphoul says to Mohini you need me. She says I didn’t ask for your help.

The dance starts, Mohini and Harphoul dance together. Balwant dances around Harphoul to annoy him. He leaves. Balwant says to Banwari that someone is coming to teach Mohini a lesson.

Balwant meets a woman. He says so much is happening in this village. He says I need you to visit the village and find out what’s happening. You need to stop it. Meanwhile, Mohini and Harphoul dance and enjoy the event. The woman comes there with Balwant. She sees Mohini and Harphoul.


Harphool Mohini 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The lady shouts stop. Everyone stops dancing.

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Telecast Date:16th August 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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