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Harphool Mohini 14th October 2022 Mohini and Harphoul are with their family in the market. Shayamala says can we see your fields? Harphoul says sure. Mai says yes let’s show them. Balwant tells Banwari he stabbed Girdari,

but no one was there to give pen drive. Where did it go? Banwari says a cow walked passed there. Balwant says he might have hidden it in her collar. Banwari says what was she like? Balwant says find that cow. Balwant sees Harphoul with Mohini and her family. He’s shocked.

Santok shows Mohini’s family the land. Balwant is there. He says welcome. I have gifts for you. Mohini says don’t take anything. She says we don’t want anything. He says Haprhoul is my nephew, I am family. Phoolmati didn’t invite me. He meets Vijayan. Mohini stops him. Balwant says did you tell them about this land? They are our family. Soon this land will be mine and I will make a land of it.

He says HArphoul are you angry? He says Harphoul has anger issues. He took Mohini to the station. Vijayan stops him. Vijayan says how is this land yours? Show me your papers. Balwant says what papers? He says this land is Harphoul’s. He will get the papers for it. He is a good man. You are not God to decide people’s fate. They leave. Balwant says I will give them such a big shock. He laughs.

Scene 2
Everyone gets messages in the village. They all talk about Harphoul. Harphoul sees the video. It’s a video of the day when Harphoul fought with Mohini over the clinic. Shyamala sees the video. She’s shocked. He says women can’t talk in our village. I would die but to eat your earned money. Shyamala says what is this? Answer me.

Shyamala comes home in anger. Mohini asks her sisters to go out. Harphoula amma. She says stop. We thought you support Mohini. Is this your support? Is this how you talk to your wife? Is this how our daughter is respected here? Is this how he shouts? Mohini says amma. She says no Mohini let him answer.

Mai says Harphoul gets angry. He thinks from his heart. Harphoul didn’t want her to work at the clinicn. People have a small mindset here. Harphoul fought over the same issue but he realized and apologized to Mohini. No one can part with them, they love each other. Mohini says in his heart we have already parted ways. Vijayan says Harphoul called and I explained to him. He said he will support Mohini.

People fight in marriages. Shyamala says why did you stop Harphoul? I know Mohini must be silent. She takes time. Santok says we are very sorry. Haprhoul will never shout at her again. Harphoul says I am sorry amma. I will never shout at her again. Shyamala leaves in anger. Mohini goes after her.

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Telecast Date:14th October 2022
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