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Harphool Mohini 13th October 2022 Mohini comes to the room. Harphoul says I.. Mohini ignores him. She hangs a curtain between them. Mai comes to their room. She asks is there a fight between you two? Harphoul says no. Mai says are you sending her back to Kerala? Harphoul says nothing. Mohini says all couples fight.

Mai says you’re lying. I know there’s a big problem. Mohini says I am fine. Mai says if he fights with you, let me know. She holds their hands together and says you’re both made for each other. My prayers are with you both. She leaves. Mohini hangs the curtain again. Harphoul says I will sleep outside. Mohini says what will my family think? I know why you did what you did. I won’t bother you from now.

When my parents leave, I will go with them and never come back. Tolerate me for three days. He says in his heart I will have my whole life in these three days. Mohini says we will be normal outside this room but we are nothing to each other. Mohini sleeps. Mohini finds her necklace that Harphoul untangled for her. She cries.

Scene 2
Harphoul looks at the calendar. He marks the date. Vijayan comes. He says Harpohoul thanks for taking care of Mohini. God bless you. Mohini gives Santok tea. Shayamala asks Mohini to stand with Harphoul. She says I will play a game first. Mai says let’s have breakfast first. Savi says I will be in Harphoul’s team. She says we are playing truth and dare. Shyamala asks Mohini the truth first.

How much did Haprhoul help you settle? Mohini says he didn’t help me because he wanted me to explore it on my own. His support is with me. Shayamla asks about Mohini’s good and bad habits.

He says she thinks a lot about others. It’s good for others but not for others. Mohini says I will change this habit. He says no that’s your good deed though. But not all people are nice. Mohini says you’re right. Shayamala asks Harphoul to sing Mohini’s favorite song.

Mohini is teary. Shyamala asks are you crying? Mohini says I am fine. I have a bit of flu. She hugs her. Mohini says I’ve to go to the clinic. Shyamala says no. The game isn’t over. Shyamala asks who said I love you first. Mohini cough. Mai says are you okay? Mohini doesn’t let Harphoul touch her. She says I know what to do now. Mohini says I need to rest. She goes to her room.

Scene 3
Mohini speaks to the lawyer. She says are the papers ready? I am coming. She goes out. Harphoul hears. He says I leave you there. Mohini says you have left me once, that’s enough. Mohini walks herself. Harphoul follows her. Mohini meets Krishna. He says what you’re doing requires strength. You will become an inspiration for people. Harphoul sees them. Krishna hands her over some documents. Harphoul says I am sure these are divorce documents.

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Telecast Date:13th October 2022
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