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Harphool Mohini 10th October 2022 Mohini comes to the train station. She sees the key her dad gave to her. Mohini cries. Mohini says I will never come back here. Harphoul left me forever. She looks at three signs of love and cries. Mai calls Haprhoul.

He is sitting somewhere and crying. Mohini says how can there be love without trust? Why did you show me these signs God when you had to end it? Harphoul says if she lives with a useless man like me she will never succeed.

Balwant calls Bhai ji. He says I fulfilled my promise. Mohin is at the station. Bhai Ji says well done. Balwant says to Banwari we have to get rid of that Girtani now. You have to call on the ground. Mohini calls Santok from a telephone booth. She cries.

Mai takes the phone and says Mohini. She hangs up. Girardi takes the money and gives Balwant the drive. Balwant gives him a bottle of alcohol. Gardai opens the bag, it’s empty. Bali throttles him. Balwant forces him to drink the drink. Girardi runs. Mohini is at the station. She cries. Girardi runs. Balwant stabs him.

Scene 2
Mohini walaks towards the train. She collides with a man. It’s her dad. Mohini is shocked. Her whole family is there. Harphoul comes home. Mai asks where is Mohini? Shyalama says we missed you a lot.

They hug her. Mohini hugs her dad and cries. She says today is so weird. I didn’t think of all this in my dreams. He asks if is everything okay. Tell me. Mohini hugs her mom. Shyamala asks is everything okay? Mohini says yes. She meets her sisters. Savi asks where is Harphoul?

Mai asks where is Mohini? Did you leave her somewhere? Shyamala asks Mohini what are you doing at the station? Her sister says Bali must have told her about our surprise. Shayamala asks where is Haprhoul?

Mohini says he left me here. Mai asks Harphoul where is Mohini? He says I left her at the station to go to Kerala. Mohini says I mean he dropped me here. Savi says let’s go. I wanna meet Harphoul. They sit in the taxi. Mohini is shocked. She wonders how will she tell them the truth. Mohini says to her dad. I want to tell you something.

Mai says you left Mohini? Mohini comes in. Mai sees her. She says you were pranking? Enough of this joke. She is there. Santok sees her. Mai turns Harphoul around.

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Telecast Date:10th October 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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