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Harphool Mohini 10th August 2022 Mohini comes outside Balwant’s house. She stops and looks at all the people. Shardha asks what happened. Mohini says they didn’t let me enter Sushila’s home because they didn’t know my caste.

Chachi they won’t let me go in, because they still don’t know my caste. Right? Balwant faints. Mohini says it’s important to tell these people that poor people’s lives are as important as rich people’s.

Mohini recalls all that Balwant has done before entering his house. Balwant struggles on the floor. Mai looks around the house and recalls how Harveer and herself were kicked out of this palace. Mai steps in. She says that’s my father-in-law.

Mohini comes inside. Everyone is shocked to see Balwant struggling on the floor. Harphoul recalls how he has harmed his family. Mai recalls him taunting Santok and saying he got Mohini attacked. Balwant says she will kill me. Mohini says we don’t have time. They pick him up and put him on the bed.

Mohini gives Balwant an injection. He says she will give me poison. He doesn’t let Mohini give him an injection. Mohini says let me put this injection. She asks Harphoul and Santok to help. Mohini gives him the injection.

Mai sits down. Shardha asks are you okay? Mohini says amma you should go home. Mai says I won’t leave you both alone. Mohini says we are together. Don’t worry, you all go home. Mai says don’t worry Shardha. Mohini will fix everything. Shardha says you’re lucky to have her. Mai leaves.

Meenu taunts people that Mohini proved she is walking on the right path. Ragni still provokes people. Mohini asks who is everyone. He says they’re not our relatives. Stay away from all of them. He says that guy, I sent him hospital twice. Balwant opens his eyes. He tries to get up. Mohini says you can’t move much.

I will ask some questions, and say yes or no. She asks if he’s thirsty or if he is seeing twice. He says no. Mohini says do you have a problem with breathing? He says no. Mohini says you will be fine soon. Keep control of your diet. Shardha says thanks to Mohini. Mohini says you’re like my mom. Banwari brings things and says this is from Balwant.

Scene 2
Meenu and her family try to help Maai. A man comes to pretend to sell her. He says will you buy wheat from me? She says villagers have boycotted us.. He says I don’t care. I want to sell my wheat. Another person comes to sell vegetables. Mai gets happy. She buys them.

Balwant says this is more than your worth. Harphoul says our worth is a lot more than our money. We don’t take any wealth against people’s lives. Mai buys vegetables. Shalini says I will cook, you rest. You will say I don’t care. Santok says yes Mai you shoul rest. Mai calls Harphoul. She asks how is he. Harphoul says he’s fine.

Mai tells him a bad time has eneded. People came to sell them things. He says wow that’s great. Mohini tells Shardha Balwant is fine now but controls his diet. All this oily and sweet food poisons for him.

Who cooks so many desserts here? Divyani says don’t tell us how to cook our food. We have food by our worth. Mohini says your worth’s food almost killed him. Mohini says don’t let him eat sweets Shardha. Shardha says you’re God’s blessing. She hugs Mohini. Balwant says I will take revenge of this favor.


Harphool Mohini 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mohini rides bike with Harphoul. She sleeps on his shoulder

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Telecast Date:10th August 2022
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