Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 2nd September 2021 episode starts with Amma seeing Rajesh crying and asks if Happu said her something. Rajesh says he speaks a lot except to her. Amma says she should stop crying as she makes people cry and the one who doesn’t leave a person if she holds him/her. Rajesh says Happu was taking Rusa’s name whole night and murmurs in Amma’s ears. Amma scolds her not to talk such words to her, Happu doesn’t speak like that. Rajesh says her name is Rajjo and not Rusa. Amma says let us follow Happu and see how Rusa is controlling Happu. Rajesh says she can’t or else she will kill Rusa. Amma says if she doesn’t, Happu must be planning to divorce her. Rajesh continues crying. Amma scolds her to just follow her.

Happu in police station sings Bhavre me khilaya phool… song. Manohar jokes with him. Happu asks if he cannot see him happy. Reshampal walks in and offers ice cream to Happu saying he is working really hard. Manohar comments if someone offers something without any benefit, there must be ice cream in it. Reshampal scolds him to behave with his senior Happu and asks Happu about his family. Happu says they are all fine. Reshampal says one shouldn’t find happiness outside of house. Happu says when a man doesn’t find happiness at home, he peeps outside. Reshampal tries his best to explain him. Manohar says its words are bouncing away from his head. Happu says its because he doesn’t have brain and tells Reshampal that his head is getting heavy with his speech, so he will go on a wak for fresh air. Reshampal says he can and should go home directly if he wants to. Amma and Rajjo wait for Happu. Happu comes after sometime and they follow him to Rusa’s house. He talks romantically with Rusa and says he can leave the world for her. She asks what about his wife and children. He says he will kill his wife and amma will handle children. She says she is eager to unite with him and says he is becoming papa. Happy ges happy hearing that while Amma and Rajjo cry in shock.

Kamlesh enters Kat’s room via window as usual with his bag. Kat in her usual broken English asks what happened now. He says his seedhi/step mother kicked him out of house and he doesn’t have any place to stay, so if he can stay in her house for a few days. She agrees. He asks what about her father. She says he himself is out of track. He says his father will also shift with him as his stepmother kicked even him out. Kat imagines her stepmother kicking her out of house and gets afraid. Kamlesh talks to his farther, informs Kat that his father found a place for them, and leaves via window.

Happu returns home. Amma asks why he is having an affair. Happu says he himself thought of informing her about it. Children ask if he will bring them a stepmother. Happu says a mother is a mother whether step or real. Children promise to study well and obey him if he doesn’t pokbring them a step mother. Happu orders them to study without, not misbehave and trouble their mother and orders Amma to stop her alcoholism, taunting Rajesh, and have whatever she prepares without complaint. Amma says she cannot digest her food without taunting Rajesh and bargains to have at least a glass of alcohol a day or at least a spoon. Happu denies. He then walks into room where Rajesh says she knows about his affair with Rusa. He says he is tired of her and knows she will not change. She promises to change. He says its impossible.


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Telecast Date:2nd September 2021
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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