Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th October 2022 Episode starts with Happu telling Rajjo that the dal is very tasty. Rajjo says she has added love in it. Amma tells that it is less salty. Hritik says it is like hotel dal. Amma says yes, it seems like it is made 2 days back.

She says she doesn’t like the food and tells Rajjo that she should have learnt cooking before marriage. Rajjo asks Amma to eat it and says from tomorrow you can have food as you like. Ranbir sings a sad song.

Later, Rajjo is upset. Happu comes to the room and thinks even today her mood is like this. He sits on the bed. Rajjo asks him to take the decision. She asks him to ask his Amma not to trouble or taunt her. Happu asks her to see Amma’s age and her age. Rajjo says even I am getting aged and gets irritated. Happu says Amma loves you so much. Rajjo asks why she shows enmity on me. Happu says it is love. Rajjo says you always take her side.

Amma asks Happu to bring her tonic. Gabbar comes there. Rajjo and Vimlesh get happy and run to him happily. Amma asks if he is fine? Gabbar says he gets fine seeing her. Amma says it is my talent to make people fine. Gabbar says he has brought Gangajal and that’s why came to give her.

Amma asks did you take a dip in Ganga and says all sins gets washed away. Gabbar says we are humans, and sin and good deeds go hand in hand. Amma says because of good deeds, good alliance gets fixed, else bad. Happu asks Gabbar to stay there. Amma says Rajjo gets a chance to complain about me.

Gabbar says she always praises me. Amma says Rajjo is having a good destiny to get saas like me and asks him to stay there for a week, as Rajjo and Vimlesh have shaken up her mind. Beni tells Happu that they have to bear the storm now.

Rajjo talks to Vimlesh and says she felt bad as Amma insulted Gabbar. Vimlesh says she don’t feel bad of her words. Rajjo says she wants to teach her a lesson. Vimlesh says you are saying as if you will hypnotized her. Rajjo gets an idea to scare Amma.

Kamlesh comes to Kat. Kat asks why he didn’t come to college today. Malaika says his face is inauspicious. Kat asks him what happened? Kamlesh cries and tells that his parents were fighting. He says his destiny is bad and hits his head on the wall. Kat stops him. She invites him to stay in her house. Kamlesh says your Papa will hit me on my back. Malaika asks him to come and stay in their house for few days. Kamlesh gets happy and says I trust my destiny.

Later Rajjo asks Amma about the sweets which she is having. Amma says you are asking as if I am having it for last time. Happu asks her to think that Rajjo loves her so much. Rajjo asks Hritik about his test. Chamchi says he had read the wrong subject and got Zero. Kamlesh gets happy hearing them,

seeing the happy family. Kat tells them that she wants to take their permission. She says Kamlesh has a bad destiny and because of his parents’ fight, he is going in depression. Rajjo asks him to have rasgulla made by her. Kat says he will be happy if he stays here, and then he can write his exams well. Happu says where we will make him have sleep. Kamlesh says he can sleep in any corner like a furniture. Happu asks Amma. Amma says ok. Happu asks him to go by himself in 3-4 days.

Happu comes to the room and sees Rajjo sitting holding flower. She says it has no thorns like my love and reminisces having jamun brought by him. Happu says he will give her whatever she asks for. Rajjo asks him to insult Amma.

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Telecast Date:17th October 2022
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