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Gud Se Mitha Ishq 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 26th July 2022 Dev accepts Kajal as his sister and says he will support his sister in her mission. Kajal gets emotional hearing that and says its important to expose Madhur and save Pari. Dev says they will, but she should accompany him home first as Neel is worried for her. Kajal agrees and accompanies him.

Riya cries fearing Madhur’s torture. Riya says she deserves to live for lying in front of Khuranas and protecting him. Madhur’s mother says she was about to get a heart attack when she saw Riya there and asks why didn’t he inform her that it was his plan to trap Kajal in his plan.

Madhur says it wouldn’t have been a surprise then and says now its important to tackle Kajal permanently. Pari panics recalling Kajal’s betrayal and breaking her gifted stuff shouts she will not talk to her Kajal again. Nutan tries to comfort her. Pari cries that Kajal was her best friend and betrayed her, she will never forgive her for trying to tarnish her Raju’s image.

Madhur loads a bullet in a gun and asks Riya to pick it and shoot him first and if she fails then shoot herself. She picks gun and tries to shoot him, but stops. Madhur laughs and says she knows that if she kills him, she won’t be able to find out her brother’s whereabouts. Riya apologizes him and says she did whatever the said, so he should inform her brother’s whereabouts.

He gives her money and asks her to go to Kolkata where her brother is and never return again or inform about his crime to anyone or else she will lose her and her brother’s lives. Riya agrees and leaves. Madhur’s mother asks why did he spare Riya as she knows the truth. Madhur says Riya will not, he is worried that Kajal will try to attack him again and try to stop his wedding with Pari, he will marry Pari at any cost.

Kajal tells Dev that its very dangerous to return to Madhur’s house as Madhur is a big manipulator and can manipulate anyone in his talks. Dev says they can talk about it later and asks her to rest first. Kajal says she heard right about him from Pari and Neel, he is really a Dev/God as per his name. Dev says he is just a human. Kajal says he is very kind human. Dev says she can call him brother from hereon. Kajal says even he can call her Kaju and not Kaju ji. He agrees.

Pavitra confronts Neel for asking Dev to help Kajal and asks if he sent Kajal to Dev’s house so that he can meet her there. She asks if he fell in Kajal’s love. Neel asks what does she mean. Pavitra says he should inform her if he has and stop ruining her life.

Neel says she is misunderstanding, he loves only Pavitra and Kajal is just his friend. Pavitra refuses to trust him and says she can’t continue their relationship anymore. Neel calls her Kaju and requests her not to go. Pavitra says she is right that he has only Kajal in his heart and mind. Neel tries to stop her again, but she continues confronting him. Family gathers.

Pavitra asks him to tell her in front of everyone if he loves her or not and says either they will promise to stay together forever or don’t see each other’s face forever. Neel requests her not to create an issue in front of his family. Bhoomi asks Pavitra to answer Pavitra. Pavitra’s parents Mr and Mrs Bhalla walk in.

Jaidev gets stunned seeing them and welcomes them. Mr. Bhalla apologizes for coming late. Pavitra hugs him and says he came at the right time and asks Neel to accept whether he loves her or not. Neel says he likes her, but she doesn’t trust him and is questioning him in front of everyone. Pavitra continues to react and asks him if he will marry her. Neel stands speechless.


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pavitra accuses Kajal of doing black magic on Neel and forcing him to love her, asks if she also loves Neel.

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Telecast Date:26th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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