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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 8th September 2021 Chavan family ladies make arrangements for Janmashtami pooja. Sonali scolds Karishma to cut fruits for pooja properly. Their nok jhok starts. Bhavani sees Pakhi drawing rangoli and praises her. She then badmouths about Sai and says she didn’t do anything and left for college. Ashwini shows Bal Gopal cradle and pooja room decoration and says Sai decorated it and then went to college for some important work. Bhavani yells that she always praises her bahu unnecessarily. Sonali smirks and backs Bhavani. Mansi asks Ashwini if she prepared bhog/prasad. Ashwini says long ago and its made by.. Bhavani says she will boast her bahu prepared it. Ashwini says Pakhi prepared chappan/56 bhog/dishes and it feels good when Pakhi does things happily. Devi calls Bhavani and says she will reach soon for pooja. Ashwini asks her to bring along damadaji/Pulkit.

Sai returns home and rushes to bathroom to get ready for janmashtami pooja. Virat gets out of it and looks serious. Sai gets tensed thinking he must have found out that she held his transfer orders with DIG’s help. He notices her bag and remembers seeing it in DIG’s office. She asks when is he leaving, if she should prepare a tiffin for him, how is he traveling, etc. He says his transfer is held. She says he should find out the reason. He says she is the reason for holding his transfer and asks to tell if she did something which she shouldn’t. She nervously says she didn’t do anything. He asks where was she during day then when there was college holiday for Janmashtami.

She thinks he will be more angry if he finds out truth and lies that she went to Pulkit jiju’s house to get notes. He stops her and asks if she took that bag to Pulkit’s house. She prays god to save her and says she took a different bag and asks why is he questioning about bag. He asks if she is telling truth. He asks why would she hold his transfer. He says she wanted to. She says her wishes don’t matter, just like he went to meet Pakhi even after her request not to get out of house. She says one should learn from her to change the topic. She continues acting. He says she can go and thinks Sai must not be the reason behind his transfer hold, then what must be the reason.

Sai says she already selected his dress for pooja. He asks that means she knew he is not going tonight and his transfer is held, what did she do. She says she held his transfer, if he thinks she is a PM or CM who can hold his transfer order; when her husband doesn’t listen to her, why will police department listen to her; let her go and get ready before his family scolds her. He says he already told family that he is leaving tonight, what will they feel now. She says they will feel good hearing that and thinks why she is feeling good with his stay back. He thinks when will Sai understand his feelings for her, maybe she will not. She smiles and walks to bathroom.

At night, Chavans gather for pooja. Devi and Pulkit walk in. Ashwini greets them in and hugs Devi. Devi likes decoration. Bhavani says let her daughter meet her. Devi hugs her and asks how is she. Bhavani says masta. Devi then happily hugs Samrat and asks where was he, she missed him. He says even he missed her and Pulkit’s wedding. Devi says his jiju Dr. Pulkit. Samrat thanks Pulkit for marring Devi and says he never saw Devi so much happier earlier. Devi says Pulkit takes a good care of her. Bhavani tells Pandit that Pakhi and Samrat will light the lamp today and tells Pakhi that she is getting her right today. Sai and Samrat light lamp and sit with family for pooja. Bhavani and Ninad ask Sai if Virat left or is he attending pooja. Virat walks down and sits with them. Pakhi asks Virat if he didn’t go. Sai excitedly says his transfer order is held.

Pakhi says she didn’t ask her and says she didn’t know Virat has kept a spokesperson for him. Virat says he will not make Sai his spokesperson even by mistake. Samrat asks why are they scolding Sai when she is expressing her excitement. Devi says Pakhi always insults Sai. Bhavani asks her to stop complaining and start pooja. They start pooja. Shivani says soon there will be 3 laddu Gopals at home, so why don’t they let Pakhi, Sai, and Karishma keep laddu Gopal in cradle. Bhavani says its a good suggestion. Sai says why are they dragging in this when they all now that her and Virat’s marriage is just an understanding and not real.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhavani tells she will gift a pearl necklace to a bahu who shows her Bal Gopal’s face first. Ashwini says Sai showed it first. She then confronts Sai if she doesn’t have any feelings for Virat, why she is objecting his transfer. Virat hears their conversation.

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Telecast Date:8th September 2021
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